New footage from fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt released, family attorney responds

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah -- Two months after a 22-year-old Saratoga Springs man was shot and killed by police, video showing the moments leading up to the shooting has been released.

The Utah County Attorney's Office released the surveillance video Thursday, which is connected to the fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt. The shooting was ruled justified, click here for details on that determination.

The surveillance footage comes from the Top Stop gas station, Wal-Mart, and Panda Express. Those are the three businesses in the vicinity of where Darrien Hunt was shot and killed.

The video shows Hunt walking on the sidewalk outside the Top Stop, the samurai sword clearly in his left hand. Behind him is a woman walking just feet away. Seconds after they pass the camera, a police officer is seen walking in Hunt's direction.

After watching the video, Hunt's Aunt, Cindy Moss, told FOX 13 News: "He's doing nothing wrong."

In another clip from cameras at the Panda Express, Hunt is sprinting across the parking lot while being chased by two officers.

Hunt Family Attorney Robert Sykes said, "You can tell that this young man is running for his life, and he's being fired at by a cop, and there's no apparent reason for it."

Police officials have stated that Hunt swung the sword at officers before the officers started shooting at Hunt.

Meanwhile, inside the Top Stop convenience store, there is sound from witnesses who are realizing what's happening.

You can hear a woman say, "Cops are out there shooting a guy."

Sykes told FOX 13 News, "This helps I think solidify the family's view that he did nothing wrong, and what you clearly see is a young man running full speed, running for his life."

FOX 13 News reached out to the Saratoga Springs Police Chief, who said he had not seen the surveillance video and would not comment until he had watched it.

The Hunt family continues to work with their attorney and plans to file a lawsuit against the Saratoga Springs Police Department.


  • James Walker

    Sure, he did nothing wrong. Oh, other than refuse to obey a lawful command of an officer, brandish a weapon, threaten with said weapon, attempted to “evade” officers, and provide justification for the officers to shoot him (Someone carrying a weapon, running from police. Naw, that couldn’t possibly be considered a threat to the public that couldn’t possibly justify an officer to shoot). Had he actually done nothing wrong, he’d have set the weapon on the ground when asked and let the officers do their job. After which, he’d have been allowed to take his weapon and continue on his way.

    • Mark

      I agree, COMPLY or die. Lawful orders does mean that we can kill. The world could have ended if we didn’t stop him, and if we didn’t stop him EVERYONE would be carrying, sorry brandishing, a weapon.

      Murder is so easy these days. Thank goodness COPS do that for us these days. If he would have just set the weapon down, COPS wouldn’t HAVE TO kill this kid….but the kid made a HUGE mistake…that we can kill for.

      Turn the other cheek is SO old school.

    • kam

      I agree… I think we should have cops outside of every gun shop questioning people about the weapons they purchase and have them hand them over… Better yet, during hunting season we should have cops in the mountains questioning every one with a weapon that is in the vicinity of let’s say 5 miles of a public place… Better better yet… How about we go door to door and search every one with a registered weapon and verify that they are sane, since they probably have these weapons in their homes… Have you read the 2nd amendment… Right to bear arms… Which in this case doesn’t apply at all right? Get real

      • bob

        Point a gun at a cop and I guarantee you’ll be dealt with exactly the same way. Wave a gun around while acting weird and then take off running in a direction that could lead to your encountering innocent bystanders and you WILL get shot in the back.

      • bob

        While he was carrying a sheathed sword the cops spoke to him. When he drew the sword and threatened them, then took off running, the situation changed.

        You do not have a Second Amendment right to point guns at cops.

      • Kevin Mosley

        Bob, unless you’re a white Mormon rancher stealing from tax payers. Then your privilege allows you to make up the rules as you go and no one will see anything wrong with that.

      • kam

        Are we watching the same video Bob? I don’t see him pointing the sword at anyone. You are oblivious and a bigot… Stop writing comments that make no sense.

      • Mark

        Bob, love the dramatization. I will add to your dramatization. Lets say someone has an evil bend, and doesn’t like someone. This someone calls in as a “concerned citizen”. They state this disliked person has a gun and his description is this and that….with in minutes COP show up and will kill him…even with no gun present.

        The victim should have known the call would be made, and didn’t know if he took one wrong step to COPS charging him out of nowhere, he would be dead.

        Call now. You can call out a hit now. Seriously, remember be concerned when you call.

  • bob

    Everything on the video is exactly what the police described, so I can’t understand why the family would consider this a vindication.

    Why don’t they ever mention the part of the autopsy where it talks about how high the guy was when he died? Enough THC to “induce hallucinations”, according to the Medical Examiner. Really, REALLY high. You have to smoke until you see the ghost of Bob Marley to be THAT high.

    • Rob Miller

      Never saw a stoner be aggressive like that. THC hysteria. He was scared. He was so scary a young lady was walking right behind him with no concern and he was not walking in an aggressive manner. How was he approached? What was the wording used and what was the temperament of the officers during their approach? These are pertinent issues.

      • bob

        His brother also told the police that he was a habitual user of pot and LSD, and that he was making and using DMT. (A chemical hallucinogen.)

      • Mark

        Did I hear the word drugs…The WAR is on….KILL…Jesus told us to kill the drug users; especially if they are running.

        Seriously people, someone running away while using DRUGS is a WAR offense. We TOTALLY need to be killing these people. Jesus will send us to hell if we don’t. DO YOU WANT TO GO TO HELL?

    • Mark

      Shooting someone in the back is what Conserves this countries safety…If they didn’t shoot him in the back, the second coming would have happened. THANK AMERICAN JESUS….oh and the reefer, our kids could have all died from the amount.

      American Jesus was right about drugs, WE NEED A WAR. Thank you Jesus. It’s a kill or be killed society out there, and American Jesus has shown us the way.

    • Don Wilson

      i’ve never read anything that said he was high. In fact the state autopsy showed that there were NO drugs in his system.

    • Vision

      I wonder what would happen if someone breaks in your house with a sword and then as you point a gun at them they turn around to run away. But then you chase out after them and shoot them several times in the back. I wonder what any jury would do in a case like that. Hmm I think I know…. It’s called murder. But when police do it, then its ok?

      • C'MON VISION

        But he didn’t turn to run out of a house after breaking into a house.. he turned and ran towards innocent bystanders after brandishing & swinging a sword at police who were only trying to give the kid a ride to Orem. This kid is off his rocker and would’ve killed someone if he wasn’t stopped.

      • charlie

        VISION, you are so right. A badge doesn’t justify murder. The fact that some people have no compassion for a person shot in the back is truly horrifying. The police are creating an us vs them situation by not coming clean when they murder and beat. The anger is brewing all round the country. Hunt was just another person unnecessarily shot down and killed by a system that almost never holds cops accountable. The trolls on this site will ALWAYS justify cops’ actions: we are probably better off not wasting our time engaging with such bias.

    • Nana

      The toxicology results were negative according to the medical examiner report. What are you talking about and where are you getting your information? Read the autopsy report…please!

    • Yuex

      they did. the toxicology report stated there were no drugs in his system. how about checking your sources before making false assumptions to support your nonsense.

  • Mark

    Darrien Hunt being hunted…because American Jesus told COPS to hunt.
    COMPLY or die…I can’t remember the scripture, but it’s in the Bible. It’s settled American Jesus wants blood.

  • carla covington

    I have believed from day one this man was murdered. Why not taser him why shoot him down. More and more police are getting away with murder. God Bless this innocent man and his family that they get justice.

  • Cash

    Now let me get this right James Walker he brandished a weapon while it was never concealed? Sound like your sticking up for your fellow “pigs”. I am pretty sure any body woul run while being shot at, and the last time I checked shooting someone in the back is the act of a coward and murder…

    • bob

      He was shot in the back because he was running toward an area where there was likely to be innocent bystanders, and they had to stop him.

      Life isn’t a cowboy movie.

    • Mark

      CASH, you don’t get it…This is a WAR on drugs. You aren’t going to let the ENEMY get away. Innocent civilians, not like the ones in Iraq or Afghanistan, are going to be hurt.

      I am have to give the COPS a pat on the back. One more SUPER EVIL person has been taken off the streets. Now I feel like I can buy a soda again.

    • kam

      Shirlsumm… What uniform have you put on? I am a veteran and I spent 9 months in Iraq… Criticize cops… You bet ya. Cops for the most part are arrogant and entitled and abuse their power… Shooting a man in the back goes against the rules of engagement, because he is carrying a samurai sword? Don’t make me laugh out loud, I’m trying to work here. This is murder and you need to get an education before you defend a cowardly act of “terrorism”

      • bob

        The rules of engagement for police officers involve threats to themselves OR the public. The guy was running toward “the public.” They had the choice of shooting him, or waiting to see if he was going to attack anyone or not. He had already attacked THEM, so he was clearly capable of it.

        There is no proscription against “shooting someone in the back”, either for the police or the military. If you need to shoot, you shoot.

      • kam

        No Bob, those are not the rules of engagement in the military. Nice try… Again… By the way, shooting a loaded weapon is the only way to stop someone right? Previously you stated in one of your comments that this is not a cowboy movie…. Why are we using cowboy tactics than Bob? How can you defend these pigs? The only explanation I have is you are a racist. And I would respect you more if you at least admitted it.

      • C'MON KAM the VET

        Kam, ever heard of don’t fire unless being fired upon?

        That is basically what this fool did. Swung/attacked the officers. If some Iraqi/Afghani man came up to you and pulled out a sword, swinging it at you. That person would be shot down dead on the spot so don’t give us you’re “I’m a vet” bull$%&^!

        The rules of engagement between law enforcement and military are barely different if that. How many tours did you spend babysitting/policing the Iraqi public. gtfoh!

      • Ron

        I have no idea what branch of the military you claim to be, or where you have been deployed to but your notion of “rules of engagement” are completely idiotic. Please do the rest of us veterans a favor and shut up!!! Because if you were deployed to Iraq on the front lines… know that some of our tactics would be considered unconstitutional here. My advise is leave the military out of this and state your own opinions without trying to embarrass the uniform; both our careers are thankless jobs and we are always seen with negativity by one party or another so dont add to the hate man. Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carl Schaible

      Robert, the chief did not see the video because the Saratoga Springs Police Department did not do the investigation at all. The Utah County Officer Involved Shooting Task Force did. So it makes perfect sense that he wouldn’t have seen the video until they released it. Plus, You can clearly see at the start of the video that Darrien is walking with a sheathed sword. However, if you pause and resize the video when he is running away, and when he goes past the Panda Express door, the sword is still in his hands, and it is now UNSHEATHED! The simple fact is this man snapped for some reason and drew his sword and swung it at the police and they responded with lethal force. Additionally, look at the autopsy photos, all of the shots are towards the outer part of his body. The police were trying to wound him to take him down and get him to drop the sword. If they were TRYING to kill him, they would have gone for the kill shots right in the middle of his back…..The simple fact is that Darrien Hunt is dead because of Darrien Hunt.

  • Bobsucks Coppingout

    The bad gives the good the bad name !
    I’m a witness !
    Months before the shooting I witnessed a similar man crossing the street with a sword and I thought interesting somebody’s head into work dressed like a ninja with the sword.
    My workmates witness this is well within previous weeks .
    I spoke with an eyewitness who actually saw the Darin fall to the ground and she says his back was turned she saw coming from around a corner followed by police shooting at his back . Gun shoots woke her sleeping baby and she left scared of police .
    Scared because police were firing guns apparently with real ammo in and around a public place.
    It’s Statistically impossible to have everybody on the right involved in one group like a police fource even in church settings good and bad people working together . Is it mob mentality when you don’t questions the ones around you if it’s right or wrong and you just work together to ensure it looks right and or was justified if caught with dirt on your hands ?Doctors dentists pilots everybody involved with an organization pretty much can’t admit guilt because it’s a liability to the company ..

    Rubber bullets.
    If you can’t take away the dangerous weapons leaking into the hands of dangerous people maybe we can at least tone down the mortality by regulating requirements on ammo.
    I feel like rubber bullets should be required by law for all personal projectile weapons to a extent .
    Rubber bullets for public and law-enforcement for projectile weapons .
    First three bullets should be rubber tip in chamber law or something .
    3 Rubber tip bullets in the clip as first defense .
    It’s not like taking a knife to a gun fight .
    A rubber bullet would knock you just as hard as a real one and three in the chamber gives to time plus three chances to realize if your making a mistake or need to go as far as to kill for some crazy reason .
    How do we train the public to deal with out of their mind gun shooting cowboy cops ?

      • Mark

        BOB, you post while belligerent. I agree with you, this WAR on drugs isn’t strong enough. We are being weak. If we could just kill more young people. If we can get it in their head that this REALLY is a WAR. Maybe kids will stop using drugs.

        Seriously, we are loosing this WAR. Personally, I think the government should put some more boots on the ground. Are kids, we need to save them by killing the “bad” guys. We should put a baggy of drugs out in the middle of the street, and kill whoever picks it up. We both know this is an act of WAR.

        Suit up buddy. We need soldiers like you.

    • Scott Thompson

      cool… call the local PD right now and tell them if they respond to someone stabbing you or you family with a big sword and trying to kill you for them bring rubber bullets instead… you know what, put your name and address here and I will call them for you… see how stupid you post sounds now?

  • Bobsucks Coppingout

    How much Prozac was the person on who called 911 ?
    Are you a little scared of police in this aftermath ?

  • Bobsucks Coppingout

    Stop freeze don’t move and guns .
    Please don’t be scared I’m just a man with a badge brandishing a gun .
    You look bad which makes me scared for my safety and the safety of others so I’m going to pull my gun out .

  • m

    “”He was doing nothing wrong” “He was running for his life” Can’t fix STUPID. He REFUSED to obey the orders of a police officer, he chose to run instead of putting down his weapon. Seeing the video make me more convinced the police did the right thing. The guy would still be alive if he would have put the sword down, can’t blame anyone else but himself.

      • JP

        You claim you’re military but obviously have no idea what responsibility comes with open carrying a weapon. He didn’t get shot for carrying it. The police didn’t track him down on their own. They were called by concerned citizens. It makes me sick reading the stupidity of some of these comments. You want police protection but don’t want them to have the authority to ask someone to put a weapon down while the person is asked about it. It’s not an unreasonable request. Any reasonable person with nothing to hide would do it just so they can get it over with and go on with their day. People think they know all about what a police officer is supposed to do in that situation and never want to hold the other people responsible no matter what the situation. You have a problem with police officers? Go join the force and fix the problem from the inside. Don’t act like an arrogant know it all jerk on the comments section of a website. It solves nothing. If anything it just makes you appear more ignorant than I’m sure you actually are.

      • Mark

        KAM, just flow with it. Learn something. As a “concerned citizen” you can call out hits. You don’t need to pay for a hitman. Do it like this. Pick someone that no longer deserves to be on this planet. Call the police. Give them a concern; it doesn’t need to be real, but make it a concern they will listen to…say the person has a WEAPON. Now give a description, and make sure you know where the person is at. OH, and preferably where other “Innocent bystanders” are.

        That’s it, watch the magic play out. If this person doesn’t know the COPS are coming it’s almost guaranteed his shock will make him do something that isn’t COP approved….I just saved you some MULA!

        …and if you have your doubts, you always have people like BOB and the COPS on your side. They have a ton of GREAT excuses, and they are SUPER persistent.

  • cheri

    I think Utah COunty Cops, Attorneys and Judges are all corrupt and care only about making themselves look good by convicting innocent people before they have a chance to be tried! They are perfect examples of how screwed up our justice system is.

  • Think truth first

    Even if the police did nothing wrong in this case there personal testimony of evidence changed consistently and took way to long to get or gather there story straight .
    police reports were tweaked as well as threats to the media for reporting .
    Don’t hide or change the stories of witnesses in your favor . It’s apparent misconduct of investigations to only copy what one side wants to here . Justified killing ? Wow
    Nice not nice

    • zonoz

      Law enforcements statements did not change. They made none. The only ones talking to the media were the family, their attorney, some “witnesses”, and lots of people on forums with absolutely NO idea of what happened. When a 911 call is made the police are required to investigate. Ever have a child call 911 and hang up and then have the 911 operator call back to find out what is going on. You can tell them nothing and 9 times out of ten the cops will still show up just to make sure, because it’s the LAW. Had young Mr. Hunt merely obeyed the request of the LEO’s involved to put the sword down until they determined his intentions he would still be walking this earth today. But when he unsheathed it and swung it at those officers he made a critical mistake. Now for those of you that insist that the cops were wrong in engaging him in the first place, that he was doing nothing wrong; regardless of whether their making contact with him was legal or not; wouldn’t it just make more sense to comply with their requests rather than take a swipe at them with a sword and then run? Let’s look at another scenario; you are walking alone and 6 guys surround you and tell you they want your money, watch, and all your clothing; although their actions are clearly illegal are you going to comply with their request or although obviously completely outnumbered, try to fight or escape? I would much rather obey what might or might not be a legal command and remain alive than disobey and almost positively lose my life. Wouldn’t anyone? I am sorry for the loss of Darrien’s life but he made a mistake and I cannot help but wonder if his actions were not influenced by people in his life telling him, as they are proclaiming now for all to hear, “that all cops are murderers”!

  • Kris

    The family acts like he did nothing wrong…. maybe if he dropped the sword ….or maybe didn’t have it in the first place nobody would have chased him!
    Stop playing the race card it’s pretty ridiculous in this case.

    • Mildred Fierce

      Anyone else notice that the sword was in its sheath? I couldn’t tell if it was out when he was running, but it didn’t really look like it. We know there were no drugs in his system and that the bullets that killed him all came from behind. Why can’t there be an investigation to clarify the inconsistencies in the police statements and this video? It’s not playing the race card to let the family hear what happened to their child. Maybe it was stupid of him to run, but did they yell for him to stop and he wouldn’t get hurt? Can’t we find out from all the people in the convenience store if they heard anything like that?

      The guy is dead. Is that the penalty for being scared and running?

      • Nana

        As for anyone hearing the police yell anything out…One of the witnesses quoted on the search warrant affidavit is named Leonard Zogg. He said the information he told the investigators was misrepresented. He said he did not say Darrien lunged at the officer with the sword as was quoted on the affidavit. He also said he reported that he did not see the officers shoot until Darrien turned and was running away and that he never heard the officers shout out stop or anything else. The interview with Mr. Zogg was on video so you could actually hear him speaking not just reading what the news media was reporting.

    • kam

      So you are telling me that I can’t purchase a Samuri sword and walk out with it from the store? Lol… Good point.

    • Mark

      Im totally with you. Hind sight is SO 20/20…Did you hear the guy was on drugs?…and running towards “Innocent bystanders”?

      The COPS truly saved the day. One less “bad guy” on the streets. I feel safer going grocery shopping. Thanks COPS.

  • Bill Ricks

    This shooting of a young man who is clearly running for his LIFE from a cop trying to shoot him in the back is a travesty! I feel more in fear of the police than the criminals now days! how long do we have to put up with this? and then to call it justified? even if young mr. Hunt did intially lunge at the cops (which I don’t believe) that doesn’t justify chasing him will shooting him in the back and killing him! If the wasn’t a cop-there would be no question that this was murder. And it was-murder by cop.
    Guess that’s okay now? The FBI needs to investigate-Whitewash!!

  • Hyde

    The original story from Saratoga Springs PD was that Darrien lunged at them with a sword and was shot. Sadly, that is not exactly TRUTHFUL. They failed to mention that he was repeatedly shot in the back while running away. I’m not saying it is a lie, but because they’ve been shown to be less than TRUTHFUL, we can only rely on what we actually see in these videos.
    FACT. Darrien is seen walking in public with a sheathed sword. No apparent “bizarre” behavior.
    FACT. Clearly we are seeing young man running from police while being shot in the back.
    FACT. A young man is dead. Shot in the back by police officers.
    That’s really all we get. Now let’s jump to some conclusions here, because that’s what we’re all doing anyway.
    Although it is very difficult to tell, the entire case should be focused on the final video of Darrien running across the parking lot.
    1. If there is not a sword in his hand as he runs away– the shooting is UNJUSTIFIED.
    2. If there is a SHEATHED sword in his hand as he runs away– the shooting is UNJUSTIFIED.
    3. If there is a UNSHEATHED sword in his hand as he runs away– whether you agree or not, it will be deemed JUSTIFIED.
    It is as simple as that.
    Since we can’t make out exactly that final sequence with the naked-eye, there is a HIGH PROBABILITY (66%) that this was indeed an UNJUSTIFIED killing of a young man by cops. At that only alone should be cause for concern.

    • Robert

      That seems a fair analysis. Now see where at 1:16 when Darrien is running unarmed away from police. Freeze frame it and you can see– his hands are empty and he is still alive. The moment he is without a weapon he no longer represents an immediate threat to officers or the public. Lethal force is uncalled for beyond that point. The conclusion, based on these surveillance videos alone, is this was unjustified. Shame on the Utah County Officer Involved Shooting Task Force for having this footage and not having the integrity to call it what it is… MURDER!

      • Ron

        Hey Robert I actually did what you said, paused the video at 1:16……..and man i have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause i can see the sword in his right hand. he appears to have it angled so that its almost tucked up against his butt. maybe you need to have a closer look at the video.

    • Mark

      Props, no “like” button. Easily the most reasoned explanation given. MEANWHILE, many others are trying any way they can to justify killing people.

  • Big Cat

    these racist murderer police pigs MUST be punished for this crime Shooting was not justified. This was a predatory killing of a civilian by pigs.

  • charlie

    “Bob” in the comments below is a liar.
    Hunt never pointed a gun at anyone. He didn’t have a gun.
    Hunt was not under the influence of drugs at the time. The toxicology report supports that FACT.
    And here’s the biggest lie by Bob:
    “He was shot in the back because he was running toward an area where there was likely to be innocent bystanders, and they had to stop him.”
    I’m 99% sure Bob works for the police, the police union or just hates anyone not completely white.

  • charlie

    Saratoga Springs PD is corrupt and is covering up the truth. Every last one of them who is covering up should go to jail. Real men don’t shoot people in the back.

  • Bob

    The fact that cannot be denied is that the Utah County DA has ruled the shooting to be justified. To bad Mr. Hunt didn’t drop is sword. If he had he would still be alive today.

    • Mark

      I know, right? We need to kill more of these idiots. If he would have read the constitution, he would have known to drop the sword. The bill of rights, gives NO rights to sword carriers…and the DA is right, COPS should shoot anyone that has a sword. He could have really hurt someone. Thank goodness, COPS can murder people…I feel safer going to a grocery store.

      If they didn’t kill him, I would have never known that you could get killed for having a sword. If anything, I thank Jesus for letting it happen to someone else….I could have been killed with out realizing how EVIL I was.

      THANK YOU JESUS, and thank you DA.

  • Delron Dathuugg

    I love how the mudshark mom Susannah (no doubt with a different last name than her “boy”) says it’s all about race, the popo would never have shot a white “child” in “costume”…meanwhile, her son was a 22 year old “boy”. There are no black men, apparently, they are all either “boys” or “senior citizens”.

  • Andre knudsvig

    James walker you’re a sick sick person to call this shooting justified, he was scared for his life, wouldn’t be surprised to find out you work with the police dept. trying to slander Darian in this case, you’re a horrible horrible man,

    • AnotherBob

      Actually it was the Utah County DA who ruled that the shooting was justified ANDRE KNUDSVIG. There are consequences attached to play the role of a fool.

      • Mark

        LOL. DEATH, right? No, seriously, the dude was not wearing Jesus approved clothing. Kill the idiot, right?

        Murder is so easy for some people, but hey, you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping any more; they got the dressed up fool.

  • DotDotDot

    He was cosplaying a character, Mugen from Samurai Champloo. If they saw a white cosplayer with a sword, they wouldn’t have shot him.

  • Aliah

    Just drawing the sword gave the officers reason enough to kill him. If they were not called to the scene the day would have went on as usual. He was just walking down the street not bothering anyone. HELL people passing him and walking behind him like it was nothing.

  • u must comply

    police kill 400 people a year is the average 400 people a year deserve to die by the hands of the tyrants we call LAW ENFORCEMENT is that cool not that ANY OFFICIAL gives a care so where do we go from here let them take all our rights not all felons deserve to loose their rights and no citizen deserves to live in fear from the police

    • Mark

      The truth is we don’t know how many people COPS kill a year. We know its at least 400 a year, but COPS are not required to report the number. YES, that’s right, we know how many report bikes have been stolen, but we have NO CLUE how many people have been killed by COPS.

      Remember, Salt Lake Cities Internal Affairs has determined that it is ok for COPS to kill someone based on a call from a “concerned citizen”. They don’t need proof, they don’t even have to get the right guy, and COPS, the GOVT, the NEWS, and idiots everywhere find this as GOOD policing.

  • Scott Thompson

    It wasn’t a sword… it was a sandwich!!! This mom is so delusional. Why did he have it at a store to begin with? And, once you swing it at a cop, he is not going to just walk away, he is going to chase you until you are in custody or dead for trying to kill him… This attorney is scum of the earth for taking this case… there is like 15 seconds of video of a event that must of lasted at least a minute of two…. how can anyone base judgement on that? I hope you lose the lawsuit and get a grip and try to raise your other kids not to do stupid things.. As a licensed Utah concealed handgun carrier.. if I seen your son running towards me with a sword in his hand I would of dropped him also…

    • Mark

      Love it. You don’t even have to prove that some people are nutty about Guns. They just present themselves.

      This dude handles societal problems with his gun. He is totally telling this mother that he would kill his kid…in a situation that didn’t happen for him.

      If this guy claims that you can’t tell from the video what was going on, BUT tells you he would shoot the kid himself…he must have seen the video, right?

      In other words, this dude already has his mind made up, and he isn’t safe to have on the streets himself.

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