Doug Owens discusses run for Utah’s 4th Congressional District

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The race for Utah's 4th Congressional District was one of the most tightly contested political races in the state in 2014, and on Thursday Democrat Doug Owens, who lost to Republican Mia Love, came to the FOX 13 News Studio to talk about the race.

Love was on the show Wednesday, click here for her interview.


  • Finny Wiggen

    He would have gotten more votes if he hadn’t gone so negative in his campaign. Mia Love’s positive campaign was refreshing, and attracted a lot of positive attention. She ignored his negative attacks, and just told the voters what she stood for.

    A good lesson for those running in the future. Given how close it was, Owen’s almost certainly lost the election based on his negative campaign.

  • Lou

    I was impressed with Doug until all the negativity started, both from him and his followers (who stole so many Mia Love signs). You really need to run on your own merits instead of what you perceive to be your opponent’s shortcomings!

  • Bob

    Doug Owens teamed up with Rocky Anderson to sue the State of Utah over the Legacy Highway. The lawsuit cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Thank goodness the voters chose the better candidate to represent us in the US House.

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