Mia Love talks future plans after becoming first black, Republican woman elected to Congress

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Rep.-elect Mia Love, R-Utah, made history Tuesday when she became the first black, Republican woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Love came to the FOX 13 News studio Wednesday to discuss the race and her plans to represent Utahns in Congress, see the video above for her interview.

Love defeated Democrat Doug Owens in a close race, click here for details.


  • Toni Lua

    would you have asked how a male representative would juggle his fatherly duties while he was in washington? It was extremely sexist to wonder how Mia Love would do her motherly obligations.

  • Sam martin

    The only thing black about Mia is her skin! She wants to be white so badly, she married white, she turned to a white religion, she turned to a white political party, hell, she even wants her hair to look white- so much for people being real and not being proud of who they really r. She may as well go all the way and get her skin bleached! Sell- out!!!

    • bob

      Amen, Brother! She needs to keep it real! Punch out a dozen kids with different last names. Go on welfare. Move into Section Eight housing. Get an Obamaphone. Smoke crack. Throw screaming, incoherent tantrums when McDonalds forgets her fries. Show those racist whites what a superior culture looks like.

      • AnotherBob

        Don’t be bitter Bob. Mia Love is a winner, and left Doug Owens to take down his signs and go home. He who laughs last laughs best, and you aren’t laughing now are you Bob. :)

    • AnotherBob

      Sam Martin – Didn’t you forget one thing about Mia? She’s a winner. She dominated Doug Owens, kicked his butt, and is enjoying the sweet smell of victory.

  • bob

    I love watching racist liberals show their true colors. They seethe with hatred at any person of color who won’t stay on their plantation.

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