USU football player who was suspended allegedly solicited prostitute

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 Hayden Weichers. Image courtesy

Hayden Weichers. Image courtesy

LOGAN, Utah – A Utah State University football player has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules, and police officials in Logan say the player in question was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.

USU Head Coach Matt Wells announced Tuesday that Hayden Weichers, a red-shirt freshman wide receiver, was indefinitely suspended for violating team rules.

While the press release from Utah State University did not elaborate on which rules were violated, Chief Gary Jensen, Logan City Police Department, has confirmed to FOX 13 News that Weicher was arrested on October 22 on a misdemeanor charge of soliciting a prostitute.

According to the press release from USU, Weichers has played in all nine of USU’s games this season, during which he has caught 10 passes for 84 yards.

Weichers is from South Jordan and played previously for Bingham High School.


  • Rebecca Lyn Dunaway

    How humiliating for this young man, This should have been a private matter, Disgusting the way, people lives are hung out on the line for all to see, without care for the pain they cause, people open your own closets for all you never got caught doing, PLLLLEEEAAASe! This is atrocious!

    • Bob

      Good for the Logan City Police Chief. Everybody arrested for the crime of soliciting a prostitute should have their name (and photograph) published in the local newspapers.
      As you should know, Rebecca, prostitution isn’t a victimless crime..

      • Johnny

        I agree with you Bob that it is a crime and is something that shouldn’t be tolerated but the last time I checked, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It makes me sick to think that this young guys life can be changed, negatively, forever based on a suspicion of the crime. I agree that the perpetrators should be released to the public but why don’t we wait until they’ve had due process and we, for sure, know that they were guilty.

    • Bob

      All groups, governments, and nations live by various sets of rules. If you want to hire the services of a prostitute there are legal brothels in various counties in Nevada. And no, Trace, prostitution isn’t even allowed in Las Vegas.

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