Utah makes history; Love is first black, Republican, LDS woman in Congress

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Utah has made history with Mia Love winning the 4th Congressional District race.

She is the first black female Republican elected to Congress.

“Many of the naysayers out there said that Utah would never elect a black, Republican, LDS woman to Congress,” Love said Tuesday night. “Not only did we do it, we were the first to do it.”

The campaign manager for Doug Owens tells FOX 13 News’ Caroline Connolly that Love has won the race for Utah’s 4th Congressional District by a margin of 50 percent to 46 percent.

Doug Owens tweeted at 11:25 p.m. that he had called Mia Love to concede the race.

During her victory speech, Love said “there is great cause for confidence” as she and Utahns run together.

Her campaign released a statement Tuesday, in which Love stated she wanted to thank the voters of the 4th District for running with her.

“Thank you for the trust you have placed in me,” Love stated. “I will work every day to be deserving of it. Regardless of who you voted for today, I hope you know that I am going to Washington to represent everyone in the district and invite you to engage with me in finding real solutions to the challenges we face as a country.”

Love also stated that this victory is just the beginning.

“Many people have reminded me that tonight is not the end of the race; it is just the end of the beginning,” Love stated. “As your representative, I am not going to ask you to trust Washington—I am going to convince Washington to trust you. As Utahns, we know best how to spend our hard earned money, raise our families, educate our children, keep the promises made to our seniors, and help those in need. I pledge to work every day to keep the federal government out of your lives, out of your pockets, and out of your way so you can run toward your own American Dream.”

With 525/525 precincts reporting, the results are as follows:

Doug Owens of the Democratic Party:  46. 75 percent of the vote with 60,165 votes.

Mia B. Love of the Republican Party:  50.04  percent of the vote with 64,390 votes.

Tim Aalders of the Utah Independent American Party: 01.37 percent of the vote with 1,764 votes.

Jim L. Vein of the Libertarian Party: 00.90 percent of the vote with 1,154 votes.

Collin Robert Simonsen of the Constitution Party: 00.94 percent of the vote with 1,214 votes.

All election results have been retrieved from electionresults.utah.gov.

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  • Trace

    Very LIBERAL district! Sad, too many Californians migrated there. Ruined their state and left it in shambles. Doing the same here.

    • UT Wallace

      WAS liberal when Matheson was in, redistricting moved a lot of conservative areas in to counter the liberal bastion of Park City which was Matheson’s stronghold. Not a liberal district anymore, just has one gigantic liberal city in it.

    • lullabyman

      Yes, because we all know that if you don’t vote for a black person when they run against someone white then you are by definition racist (fyi … that dripping noise you hear in my voice is sarcasm). Oh hey … I guess that means all district 4 democrats are racist and the republicans there will go down in history as being the ones progressive enough to send a black woman to the House of Reps. D’oh … didn’t see that one coming did you. Playing the race card backfired on you didn’t it? Serves you right.

    • BOBlikesPenis

      You lost! Thank god!! Down with BOB, I am guessing your somebody’s battery operated boyfriend…You are Btw the only one to bring up race… good job..

    • rajjon

      Huh? She’s the FIRST GOP Black woman elected to Congress. The Democrats have elected over 40 to date?

      Man you right wingers are truly delusional. You brag about finally doing something the Democrats have done 40 times before as if the numbers were reversed.

  • Charlotte

    Considering she spent about 9x the money Doug Owens spent, the fact that she only won by 4% should absolutely humiliate her.

    Terrible choice Utah. You will come to regret it.

      • Tin Values

        I think that bringing that self mentally absorbed individual wouldn’t keep his voter numbers as high as they got. I have a 9 year old that is a better golfer. Also, a better Barber that should be a shoe in for being elected president.

  • Sarah Rosenberg

    We are seeing California filth (aging hippies with grey hair and Birkenstocks and Akita dogs) moving into Missouri and when they show up at the local coffee shops making their snooty, uppity and holier-than-thou liberal comments about this area I LET THEM HAVE IT in a very public fashion and point blank tell them to get the HELL out of Missouri and take their failed liberalism and their arrogance straight back to CA! They just stand there shell-shocked that someone would dare speak out against them! Try it, its a blast!

    • Bob

      You must be thinking of Detroit under continuous democratic control over the last 52 years. Bankrupt and billions of dollars in debt.

  • Bob

    Doug Owens is an environmental lawyer that cost Utah millions when he teamed up with Rocky Anderson and sued the state to stop the Legacy Highway from being built.

    Funny Doug didn’t bring that up during the race.

  • bob

    Liberals have earned the title “racist.” They’ve spent 6 years telling us that anyone who disagrees with their Emperor on any subject is a “racist.” They’ve told us that anyone who doesn’t support the radical “feminist” agenda is part of a “war on women.” Watching them attack a black woman has been hilariously ironic. Watching them seethe with hatred now that she WON is pure pleasure.

    Nothing terrifies a liberal more than a self-made, educated, successful black woman who doesn’t believe she needs government to get there. She’s the antithesis of their entire narrative.

    I hear the baying of bloodhounds in the distance. The party of slavery and Jim Crow is showing its true colors.

    • rajjon

      “Liberals have earned the title “racist.”

      Mia Love is the FIRST Black Female from the GOP to be elected to Congress. The Democrats have had 40+. So you GOP types are proud of a 1-40+ record and pounding your chests?

      This “racist” charge coming from a “birther” party that’s 95% white is beyond hilarious. I suggest you get professional help.

      • Morgan Farantino-Clark

        i agree, smh.
        Sadly they don’t get it. IMO? This is nothing to be well IMO proud of.But good luck to her.
        Dems have done this 40+times. and she only won by what? 3% to 4% that is not a great lead at all.
        Can’t wait to see what “changes”she really is going to do out there. My cousins in the mid west didn’t vote for her and the confederate flag in pix with Mia Love,someone in the photo with her,is invoking still many eyebrows.Many were also talking about this at newsweek today. She also invoke taxes et;al. just read over at newsweek today.
        Good luck to Mia Love. Not sure how this is going to go,luckily i don’t live out in Utah but east coast,but cousins are in Utah over a decade or so.
        Morgan Farantino

      • AnotherBob

        Get used to hearing Mia Love’s name for the next 2 years and beyond RAJJON. Meanwhile Harry Reid is headed to the back of the bus. :)

  • M H

    Mia Love No Exp. but good con game won just because she is mormon and thats all the Rep. needed someone to be a pupet and she was the perfect one who would sell her soul and family down the drain for her own personal gain. I don’t blame the people of Utah there no shame in innocents and its not your fault if you cant see con game pull on you its shame on Mia for that, went to collage for ARTS, now Congress ??

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