Police ID victims in fatal South Jordan crash

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Arron Healy/FOX 13 News

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Police have identified two drivers who killed in a South Jordan accident Monday afternoon.

Robynn Denamur, 23, of Herriman, and Michael Teahon, 36, of Sandy, were airlifted to area hospitals in extremely critical condition after the two collided in the Daybreak Parkway and Mountain View Highway intersection.

The two drivers, who were the sole occupants of their vehicles, later succumbed to their injuries.

The accident occurred at approximately noon. Initial reports from witnesses say that Denamur, driving a Mitsubishi Galant, was traveling west when she ran a red light and was then struck by Teahon, traveling south in an International box truck, according to a press release from South Jordan police.

The case is still under investigation and no additional is available at this time.


  • Pam Jones

    Cee Cee, please show some kindness and courtesy to both victims and their families in your comments. Lots of people from both families are hurting right now, and these types of mean-spirited comments just add to their pain from this horrible tragedy. No one can know exactly why this young woman went through a red light, but to write on an public message board saying things like she was reckless and stupid or that she was texting is very mean-spirited and is pure conjecture on your part. You apparently don’t know her, or else you would not have said those things about her. I am a college professor, and I was privileged to have this young woman in my classes during the past two years. I worked with her one-on-one many times, and so I did know her very well. And I can tell you that she was an extremely responsible, generous and mature young woman, wife and mother. Flippant, irresponsible or impatient – absolutely not.

    • craig

      Im sorry but Mother Theresa could’ve been driving that car and she would still be at fault for running a freaking red light. Yeah yeah yeah…she could’ve been distracted, she had things on her mind, she wasn’t paying attention. I dont care. And im sorry that sounds heartless and cold but so what? She was driving a two ton machine that can kill someone, and she did. I am sick and tired of all the excuses people make for their stupid actions when they are driving. Im sorry her family is hurting but that was due to her actions. The sad part is the other person and their family are paying the price for her moment of “distraction”. I have seen to many accidents by kind, responsible people that have hurt and killed others because they were “running late” or they didnt notice the light changed. This needs to be a wake up call to all the drivers out there. Be more aware, be more careful!

      • Mar

        So, how’s the view from that ivory tower? Are you trapped up there like Rapunzel or are you able to come down from time to time, if you feel like it?

    • bob

      She ran a red light and killed someone, this is pretty black and white. It does not matter why she ran the red…

  • Randy

    I am not going to defend Robynn I do not know what was going on at the time of the accident I feel really bad about what has happened for both families, but to read what Cee Cee and Craig have posted is just annoying.
    So from your statements you never drive and talk on the phone, drink water or soda (or stronger), eat you have never tried to beat a yellow light, never had an argument with a passenger in your car. If all this is true then we now know who the two best drivers in the world are.
    So please let everyone know what you drive so that all of use other drivers who are not so perfect can bow down to you as you pass by.
    Or you can go with don’t throw rocks at glass houses.

    • bob

      I have never ran a red light or hit another car, why? I am a competent driver. This valley is full of crazy drivers, it is amazing more are not killed.

      • Randy

        Well Bob I am happy you are such a competent driver. I am competent driver to considering I have been in 3 accidents in 40 years of driving two rear enders and one sadly being my fault. But that is not the issue here the issue is that Robynn and Michael’s families has suffered a tragic loss and nobody can change that not you, Cee Cee or Craig with all your spouting off at the mouth

  • purple

    Fox, many of your facts are off and your editorial mistakes are glaring. You might want to check that so people can trust what you have to say as a reliable source. Sad story. My daughter and I just missed the accident. No one knows the details of exactly what happened or how or why. Let’s learn what we can, suspend judgment, and just pray for these bereaved families. And let’s all hug our own loved ones a little tighter tonight, in gratitude for the reminder of how precious life is.

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