Report: Terminally ill woman Brittany Maynard has ended her life

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PORTLAND, Oregon — Brittany Maynard, who became the public face of the controversial right-to-die movement, ended her life on Saturday at her Portland, Oregon home, according to People.

“Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love. Today is the day I have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness, this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from me … but would have taken so much more,” Maynard wrote on Facebook, People reported.

Courtesy: Brittany Maynard

Courtesy: Brittany Maynard

Maynard’s obituary was posted on, click here to read the obituary.

The obituary stated in part: “Brittany chose to make a well thought out and informed choice to Die With Dignity in the face of such a terrible, painful, and incurable illness. She moved to Oregon to pass away in a little yellow house she picked out in the beautiful city of Portland.”

Maynard, 29, had been married a year when she discovered she had an aggressive brain cancer.

“The world is a beautiful place, travel has been my greatest teacher, my close friends and folks are the greatest givers. I even have a ring of support around my bed as I type … Goodbye world. Spread good energy. Pay it forward!”

Goodbye messages from family and friends started showing up on social media on Saturday.

Last April, doctors said she had six months to live. She considered dying in a hospice, she wrote in an op-ed piece for CNN.

“I quickly decided that death with dignity was the best option for me and my family,” she wrote. “We had to uproot from California to Oregon, because Oregon is one of only five states where death with dignity is authorized.”

Brittany Maynard (left) with mom Debbie Ziegler (Courtesy: Brittany Maynard)

Brittany Maynard (left) with mom Debbie Ziegler
(Courtesy: Brittany Maynard)

Maynard posted a series of YouTube videos in which she and family members talked about her decision and supported an expansion of assisted suicide laws. She started an organization, Compassion and Choices, to promote that idea.

“My dream is that every terminally ill American has access to the choice to die on their own terms with dignity,” she wrote on her website.

She visited the Grand Canyon last week, checking off the last item on her bucket list.

“The Canyon was breathtakingly beautiful,” she wrote on her website, “and I was able to enjoy my time with the two things I love most: my family and nature.”


  • Sherry delgado

    My heart goes out to her family, but what a brave soul she is, what great inner strength she has. Be proud family she is a true inspiration. Blessing to all who loved Brittany.

    • Suzanne

      It was NOT suicide, she was dying. Would you rather have seen her suffer before she passed away? She was a beautiful, brave woman.

      • James

        It WASN’T suicide?

        the action of killing oneself intentionally.

        Yeah, sure it wasn’t.

      • Suzanne

        I don’t need your explanation of suicide James. Did you miss the part where she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer? That ugly disease took her life and it was HER life, not yours. Save the judgment for God.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Of course it wasn’t suicide. She didn’t CHOOSE for her life to be ending – the cancer made that choice for her. She simply chose to stop fighting the inevitable and to exercise her legal right to die in a manner as painless and free from suffering as possible. She chose to die as herself, not wait for the terminal brain cancer to destroy all that was her and leave behind a pain-riddled husk of herself.

      • bob

        It WAS suicide, by the dictionary definition.

        So what? It’s just a word. Call it whatever you please. It was her decision to make, not yours.

      • bob

        That comment was aimed at DC. “Mr. Dictionary.”

        “Suicide is suicide.” LOL! And an apple is an apple. Not sure I see your point there, DC.

  • Sarah

    Sadness feels my heart knowing that Britney’s life was cut short.may the people she cherished have strength in this time of loss give them strength to be able to endure love and lite be with you.

  • tanya

    My love and prayers go to you and your family,may you rest in peace and your soul be free,,,your life was taken too soon,,,may your name live on for generations to came,,,,love Tanya and family, 😢

  • Trish Ramirez

    Lucky for her that she lived in a state that allowed her to make the end of life decision that reflected her idea of what it means to both live and die with dignity – and I am glad she had the strength of character to make the choice that was best for her.

    IMO, these death with dignity laws should be federal – people nearing the end of their lives should not have to relocate to other states simply to avoid a long, drawn-out death full of suffering they’d rather not endure.

    My heart goes out to her family, they have to be grieving terribly. But bravo to them for having her back and supporting her in what had to be a terrifying decision.

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