Traditional vs media campaigning in race between Love, Owens

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UTAH COUNTY -- Old fashioned "retail politics" seems to be less in fashion in Utah's Grand Old Party, at least when it comes to the race to fill the seat in Utah's 4th Congressional District.

On the Friday before the election, Doug Owens was at a TRAX station at 7 a.m., at the University of Utah through lunch time, door knocking with Jim Matheson in the afternoon, and then at the Riverton High School football game and the Utah Grizzlies Hockey game at night.

Mia Love was at home. Her campaign said she might make some campaign phone calls, but said it was a family day.

Love, the well known Republican, has been more of a presence on television and on billboards, and less of a presence at meet and greets, honk and waves, and other traditional campaign events.

"It's very unusual in a campaign that's so close that a candidate is not out there shaking hands, reaching out to every group possible," said Tim Chambless of the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

"It's gonna come down to the wire," said Doug Owens as he met with voters on the campus of the University of Utah.


    • T Fudpucker Tucker

      That means she can’t be president DDD. What does that have to do with her run for the House? Hummmm?

    • Jo

      She is from Brooklyn, NY. Her parents are from Haiti and were given citizenship because she was born in the U.S. Many conservatives criticize that policy and would call her an “anchor baby.” Interesting such advantages she has enjoyed, she doesn’t think other people should have.

  • Backbone61

    This story is so interesting to me. Fox 13 whines about Mia not campaigning for one day but never showed up to the twice weekly town halls that she held for the past 2 months. How many town halls has Doug held?? Zero, but of course that didn’t make the story. Please!

    • Jennifer

      What else do you expect from Max Roth? Ask any Republican politician in the state, and they’ll tell you that Max Roth misreports stories about them more than any other reporter in Utah. The guy struggles mightily with the truth.

    • Jo

      You do realize that it is Mia Love who has not shown up for debates, not Doug Owens. Fox is not whinning about this one day, they are saying that she has consistently backed out of debates etc. I don’t know where you’ve been.

  • Ted

    Mia love must be highly confidant and arrogant about winning the election. Tough to remember candidates with even commanding leads, not wanting to get that last minute exposure and not appearing too confidant, thus turning off the undecided voter. Doug Owens father Wayne, won his first election by getting out among the people, and “walking for Congress” as I recall the campaign slogan went. With the election so close, it’s tough to imagine Love so unconcerned about it all. Hopefully, Mr. Owens willingness to press the flesh will tip the undecided vote enough to eek out a victory on election day.

  • S Brown

    I’m very annoyed by this story. First as a woman who has to choose between good, better and best all the time. She spent the day with her family and respected ALL the other families celebrating a holiday together. Every woman voter in this state should be miffed that you and Doug are making family time an issue. Doug bought a bit of tabloid journalism and FOX 13 is complicit in that. To play it up shame on you Fox 13–evidence you can be bought. Shame on Doug Owens. This is yet another reason we need a good conservative woman voice representing the voters–a majority of whom are women. Doug has inserted veiled sexism and racism every chance he can. Women…turn out en masse.

    • Jo

      You have got to be kidding. Your comments are sexist. Women need to stay home and have family time rather than do the job? She is running for a time-demanding job. What will happen when an important vote happens to fall on a holiday and she decides to stay home? The problem really is that every time she opens her mouth she looses votes, so to get the automatic Republican vote, they told her to stay home and shut up — now THAT’S sexist.

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