BLOOPER: Reporter calls anchor fat on live TV, goes viral

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LOS ANGELES– You never know what’s going to happen on live TV. A recent incident at our sister station is the perfect example of that.

KTLA treated viewers to a candid moment when their morning traffic reporter left her mic on when she wasn’t on camera.

Ginger Chan’s comment about anchor Sam Rubin’s weight caused everyone to break into laughter. Chan was embarrassed, but even Rubin joined in.

He later posted on Facebook that it was a very honest and very funny moment. Click here to read more about his thoughts on the incident.


  • Trish Ramirez

    Can you imagine if it had been a male calling a female fat? People would have been demanding his job in an instant and not thinking it was funny. Such a double-standard in the way we interact with each other. You call a fat chick fat and it’s practically a hate-crime – say the same thing to a guy and it’s laughable?

    • Broxton Rose

      ya no, it was obviously a joke….. Not everything has to be related to the infamous “war on genders” now a days on the internet.

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