Former teacher accused of sexually abusing student appears in court

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OGDEN, Utah -- former Clearfield High School teacher accused of sexually abusing a student was back in an Ogden courtroom Wednesday.

The appearance was supposed to be sentencing day for Gaile Kristine Supp, 24, who was charged with sexually abusing one of her former students.

Supp took an "Alford plea" in the case, meaning that she did not admit guilt but conceded that there was likely enough evidence for the prosecution to secure a conviction at trial.

The alleged abuse occurred between Supp and one of her then-17-year-old students at her West Haven home in January of last year.

A probable cause statement indicated the student had come to the home for help with homework and that Supp then showed the student a sexually explicit movie and allegedly sexually abused the student.

Wednesday, her lawyer, the prosecution and the judge all agreed to meet here again on November 19 for sentencing. It would appear Supp is likely to serve time in jail but not in prison, FOX 13 News’ Scott McKane reports.


  • Chris

    interesting the this news didn’t mention the abuse was on a female student. Are they triing to conceal that the teacher is a lesbian? and no i don’t think homosexuals abuse kids any more than straight people do. There are rotten apples in every group of people.

  • Don't Feed The Troll

    Gail Supp is a homosexual predator who put on an adult pornographic video tape, then sexually attacked the underage girl. The girl was able to fight off her attack.

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