Woman arrested after Cedar City road rage incident turns violent, police say

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CEDAR CITY, Utah - An apparent road rage incident led to the arrest of a woman after she pulled a gun on the man she illegally passed just a few minutes earlier Tuesday morning.

It happened in the parking lot of a Cedar Middle School. Cedar City Police Sgt. Jimmy Roden said 32-year-old Kimberly Tishie was dropping of her child around 8 a.m. A man reportedly witnessed her driving erratic a few blocks from the school.

“Tishie passed illegally, made another vehicle have to swerve to avoid a collision,” Roden said.

But the confrontation turned violent. The man got out of his car and began to approach Tishie. That’s when she pulled a gun.

“As he was walking away, she exited her vehicle, pursued him, grabbed him and struck him in the face with the handgun,” Roden said.

Fortunately an off-duty sheriff’s deputy was in the parking lot when it happened. He intervened before things escalated further and held Tishie until officers arrived and arrested her.

The entire incident only lasted a few minutes, so while it was at the middle school, Roden said, there wasn’t any public danger.

Tishie was booked into the Iron County Jail and faces possible charges of aggravated assault, having a dangerous weapon on school grounds, disorderly conduct and an outstanding traffic warrant.

Roden said they urge drivers not to approach erratic drivers, instead write down the license plate number and vehicle description, and then call police.


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