Feds charge “Super Dell” Schanze with harassing wildlife

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File Photo: Dell Schanze

SALT LAKE CITY — Federal prosecutors have leveled misdemeanor charges against “Super Dell” Schanze, accusing him of harassing wildlife with a paraglider.

In court papers filed Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Utah charged Schanze with one count of using an aircraft to harass wildlife and pursuing a migratory bird. Potential punishments, if he is convicted, range from six months to a year in jail and as much as a $100,000 fine.

Read the charging documents here:

Schanze is accused of using a motorized paraglider to chase a barn owl in 2011. It was an incident that was filmed, although Schanze refused to confirm to FOX 13 at the time it was him.

In court papers, the federal government indicated it sought to seize his paraglider if Schanze is convicted. He will be issued a summons to appear in federal court.


  • Terry Liberal

    I miss Schanze. Best computer ads ever. This guy REALLY needs to run for a political office here in this state.

  • diane

    I agree, leave the guy alone, or at least show us the video of this so called “harassment”, so we can even see if this charge is warranted or not. I heard Dell may possibly be bi-polar so he does some crazy things…Why don’t the Feds go after real criminals, like people in our government who don’t uphold the constitution…try starting with the commander and chief in our White house! (enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!)

  • miles (dave)

    ya id like to know how bad he was harassing the bird… because to a point i cant blame him, im in the market for a ultralight aircraft and im thinking about a power glider or a giro copter. ether way its easy to imagine if you saw a bird youd think it would be cool to go check it out at least for a little bit. but if you started to really scare it and its movements got more erratic then theirs a time to leave the thing alone

  • Finny Wiggen

    Just because he has the maturity of a seven year old, does not mean that he aught to be prosecuted for chasing an owl. We can all agree that the man is a self-absorbed child, but chasing a bird is not a crime.

  • Matt

    This nation is going in the crapper for a myriad of other reasons and we’re worried about going after Dell for chasing and kicking an owl? We should go after all of the pilots then for hitting birds since it is their airspace, right? Oh. brother!

  • Ted

    An interesting twist with the Feds. They seek to confiscate the power glider if Del is convicted? Wow, I’m surprised the Feds don’t send out agents to seize it forthwith. Dell’s behavior is obviously idiotic and juvenile, but this warrants Federal charges and asset forfeiture? Down right scary how many offenses are Federal crimes these days. I’m surprised they didn’t find a felony statute on the books? Three years after the alleged incident took place to file charges? Must be a mighty slow day for the Feds.

  • Another pilot

    “Super Dell” has been roaming the western USA and, by his behavior, poisoning relationships between sane, law-abiding pilots and the people who own flying sites. All the site-owner knows is “a pilot did a bad thing”, which tars all of us. This particular item is what they’ve gotten him for, but it’s one line in a book of sins. I recognize that people who don’t know him might think it odd to be so over-the-top, but he’s in a class by himself, the worst kind of bad-actor, and this is what they’re getting him for. If the feds want “bad character” witnesses, they’re all over the flying community. Go feds!

  • Steffn

    I saw the video on YouTube before it got yanked. It takes an awesome pilot (and sadist) to stick on the tail of a bird-in-flight for over 7 minutes and then finally ‘step on its back’. SD’s also violated flying regulations at my flying site–illegally flying motorized aircraft over a marine sanctuary, illegally teaching without a permit (in a State Park), flying without a helmet, flying without an approved rating, and unsafe flying (within a few feet) over onlookers & vehicles. It seems to be the same story everywhere he goes: he’s a pariah of the flying community.

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