Family releases state autopsy after Utah officers shoot sword-wielding man in back

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The family of Darrien Hunt, the man who was shot and killed by Saratoga Springs police, released a state-ordered autopsy to show that he was shot in the back.

The report, released to FOX 13 by Hunt family attorney Robert Sykes on Tuesday morning, states that the 22-year-old man was shot in the back at least three times.

He was shot a total of six times, the autopsy said.

Toxicology tests were conducted but the autopsy revealed no drugs were found in his system.

Autopsy: Click here to see the full autopsy report.

(Personal identification information has been removed to protect all parties involved.)

Hunt's family paid for their own autopsy which had similar findings.

The young man was shot in a confrontation with police outside a convenience store in Saratoga Springs on Sept. 10.

Police said he lunged at them while wielding a "samurai-type" sword before being shot.

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  • Barbara Miles

    I wasn’t there, and I am not familiar with any details about this case and I feel for the family, especially the mother and I’m making no judgements as to if this was a justified shooting or not, but couldn’t one or some of the shots received have spun the man around and then a bullet entered his back? Is the family saying he was walking away and was shot in the back? Like I said – making no judgements and feeling empathy with the family.

    • concerned citizen

      Dude, there is a police state, there are just bodies of citizens all over. I saw an officer on my way to work, I was scared for my life…

    • miles (dave)

      to answer your question no the energy of the bullet is used to enter the body and do damage there. even if he was wearing a bullet proof vest or a plate of steel (allowing all the energy of the bullet to be used to push him rather than enter him) there isnt enough energy from standard police hand guns to spin someone around.

      besides i didnt read the whole autopsy report but as fare as i can tell from the pictures he was shot in the front as well (i could be wrong, i wouldn’t complain if someone corrected me) and as for those who are complaining that the officer shot the guy… well i did read the part of the autopsy that talks about what happened and it did mention that the sward wielding guy did run toward the officers and if you replaced me with one of those officers then i would likely shoot as well especially if the man looked as tho he knew how to hurt me or anyone else with it.

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