‘Are we in the Twilight Zone?’ Semi truck phenomenon stuns driver, passenger

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RICHMOND, Virginia – A video shot in Virginia showed a parade of semitrailers on a freeway that had been blocked off by police; there were no other cars, just semitrailer after semitrailer.

WTVR-TV is reporting Adam Hicks and a passenger were traveling on Interstate 64 in Richmond Saturday when they noticed something unusual.

One person in the video said the convoy started with a series of seemingly identical trucks: “We’ve seen at least 30 so far. Here’s a whole new set of trucks coming up.”

As the video goes on, their disbelief grows.

“I want to re-iterate the interstate is blocked off. No incoming traffic,” said his passenger, who was identified on Facebook as Joyce Ord. “…This is Interstate 64 in Richmond. No idea what’s going on. This is getting more and more bizarre.”

However, there was an explanation behind the mystery. It was reportedly the “World’s Largest Truck Convoy” and it was out to support Special Olympics.

The convoy is reportedly a one-day celebration that featured about 110 vehicles. The goal is to raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics.

Click here for more on this story from WTVR-TV.


  • Ivan

    Next on fox. A mysterious group of people all wearing numbers were seen running down the same road. The police have blocked all the intersections along the way.

  • Joey

    Yeah, because we’ve heard that so many times over the years right. You know like you sitting around & somebody says ” Hey I had the hardest time getting to work today cause the special Olympics are coming up the police shut down the ENTIRE HIGHWAY just to get the trucks there” that makes total sense right. To STOP traffic the on a freeway so that non emergency vehicles can get products to an event all at the exact same time. I’m sure that’s totally a legit story!

    • bobbyboynyc

      The naivete of some is simply astounding. Looking at those trucks, the names & logos, different companies’ shipments all in a row. What is the mathematical probability is such a coincidence? Are people so TV-mesmerized, they cannot recognize a clandestine operation when it is done right in front of them

  • LB

    What you see on the out side of the trucks is not whats on the in side of them… get ready for world war 3… Their loaded with weapons… :-(

  • Larnot

    Special Olympics, my *ss! It’s more like FEMA and Homeland Security, “incognito”. Just waiting for the “ebola” camps to open up, now.

  • Doug

    I cry BS on that story. This is a supply convoy to the Government Bunker that is located in rural Virginia. Coca-cola, supplying bottle water, Wal-mart supplying dry goods, CVS supplying pharmaceutical supplies, I could go on and on. The Government knows something BIG is about to go down and they are not telling us. Get ready people, you better have a plan in place and know how to execute it when this event happens.

  • sandra

    Why was the people around the country aware of this convoy if it was to raise awareness? Sounds like Government Cover up to me.

  • NoDUH

    Ummm…. Why don’t any of the trucks have logo or any sort of promotion stating “Special Olympics” or something? How is that bringing awareness? I call BS

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