Gift of Hope: Adam’s story

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In this week's edition of Gift of Hope, we take a look at the story of a young man who decided he wanted to help others in the event of his death, which would prove to be a decision with far-reaching, positive consequences.

Hope Woodside spoke with Adam Osmond's mother, Lisa, about the impact Adam's decision to be a donor has made. Lisa said Adam specifically mentioned his desire to be an organ donor a few weeks before his death, and she said the knowledge that he has helped others heal has helped her heal as well.

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  • Dixie

    Lisa and Adam have affected countless lives. As recipients will tell you, their illness and later the transplant does not affect just them. Their families and friends are deeply affected and they are forever grateful for their donor. In addition, Lisa shares her story on a regular basis with middle school students to help them understand what organ donation can mean before they make that decision on their driver license. Thanks for sharing their story.

  • Teresa

    A mothers worst nightmare! However, HIS words helped heal HER heart. Wow, so powerful and inspirational. Thanks for ALL you do Lisa! I think we can all learn from your positive outlook.

  • Karen

    Such a meaningful, heartfelt story. Hopefully this mother’s story will help many more who have lost a loved one in such a tragic way.

  • Su Jones

    What an amazing insight into the world of organ donation! Lisa is an amazing woman with a personal story that will touch many lives. Thanks to Fox News for sharing these wonderful experiences with us so that more people can understand how marvelous this gift can be.

  • Janice Delgado

    Thank you Lisa, for sharing your story of Adam, love and caring. I’m so pleased to have met both you and Steve and you have helped many people understand what donation is all about. Also thank you to Fox 13 News for this wonderful series on organ donation. Great job :)

  • Sophia Hill

    Cried a little when I saw this. Such a touching story and an amazing guy, I loved that his choice and gift to others helped his own mother heal. Thanks for sharing their story and showing me how donation is truly worth it.

  • Alexis M

    This is an amazing story of how even out of tradgety good can still come all from saying yes. Thank you Fox for sharing.

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