General in command of Utah National Guard ‘offended’ by bikini calendar shoot held at base

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SALT LAKE CITY -- If you think the General who commands Utah's National Guard Soldiers has too many things on his plate to be bothered by a bikini calendar, think again.

"I take it very personally," said Major General Jeff Burton in his first public statements about a controversial photo shoot.

A British company called "Hot Shots" that publishes a military-themed annual calendar filmed on base at Camp Williams for it's 2015 calendar. Click here for more details and footage from the shoot.

National Guard personnel are pictured in the background of a "behind the scenes" video, and the National Guard hierarchy has said they did not authorize the risque shoot.

"I'm deeply offended and hurt," Burton said. "I denounce that calendar. It does not have anything to do with our Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, self-sacrifice, service, honor, integrity, personal courage. All those things we believe in were violated by the filming of that calendar."

Burton said the Guard is investigating and will determine punishments for the people involved.

The Utah Department of Public Safety is investigating a related photo shoot at a gun club in Tooele. They also said they had no idea the calendar was being filmed and shot with two Special Emergency Response Team, or SERT, members present.

In a new press statement, the spokesperson for the department said one of the two officers present logged himself as "on-duty" while he participated in the shoot involving bikini models firing various small weapons.


  • Jaimie Raines

    Americans are so up tight about the human body. What SHOULD be upsetting is that they used ammo and weapons from the armory and nonmilitary personnel operating $2+million dollar tanks. That’s what they SHOULD be upset about, and someone should be having UCMJ action against them.

  • Lance

    This is getting blown so out of proportion. Its just a photo shoot. Yeah they should have had written permission, but to say it violates all those values and bla bla bla, give me a break. Slap some wrists and get over it. That company even donates some proceeds to US military charities! Soldiers and bikini clad girls have been peas and carrots since before we were born. Look at the noses of WWII planes. Calm down General.


    Agree with general. No foreigners should be allowed access to our military equipment of any kind for any reason.
    General said “this does not represent this organizations values”. However it is the values and culture of the DPS personnel.

  • Joe Snuffy

    hahahahah, the General needs retraining on his Army Values…..Selfless Service, not selfless sacrifice and service….no wonder troops in Utah are without proper thought. If the fish stinks, it stinks from the head down.

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