Four arrested after 72-year-old Utah man shot in head

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - Authorities have arrested four people after a 72-year-old man was shot in the head in West Valley City.

- 38-year-old Michael Robert Flores Jr.
- 36-year-old Ricardo Smith
- 32-year-old Leann Velasquez
- 20-year-old Raymond Marquina

Back on September 27, Robert Warren, 72, has just returned home with his wife and answered a knock at his door.

When he opened the door, those on the other side shot him multiple times in the head and neck.

Warren was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and has been there ever since.

Officials said DNA evidence from the scene matched a person who was already in the database, 38-year-old Michael Robert Flores.

Police said Flores told them he and three others planned to rob Warren.

Flores is facing attempted murder charges among others.

Velasquez is also facing attempted murder charges as well as obstruction of justice.

Marquina was arrested Oct. 22 for attempted murder and felony weapons charges.

Smith is facing charges including aggravated robbery, felony weapon possession and drug possession.


  • Ddd

    Awesome!! Good police work, in glad to see this SCUM off our streets!! I’m shamefully NOT surprised that they are “Latinos” smh we gotta get our shut together!!

    • pualani035

      West Valley is not a bad place to live .It is a beautiful city.Anywhere you go in the united states things like this happens in any town you live in.There is no safe haven in this world and if there was such a place everyone in world would want to take there children and family to feel safe.So please don’t think that West Valley city is a bad place to be it not.Stacy Capps

  • BB

    What a bunch of filthy trash. Let me have them, one at a time or all together. They will never be able to do thid again, that is a promise.

  • Melissa

    To those that are saying you’re not surprised they are Mexican, don’t lump all of us together. That would be me saying something just as stupid as, “Yep, another mother left her child to die in a hot car or threw her baby in the trash. Doesn’t surprise me she’s white!”

    • BOB 2.0

      We’re hearing of an increasing number of illegal aliens committing violent crimes including murder. You can’t expect people sneaking under the fence of respecting our laws once they’re here.

    • thetruth

      Stereotypes exist for a reason. Don’t be upset by the facts. If it was a school shooting I would have said surprise surprise…. another white kid. If it was a cracked dealer I would have said surprise surprise a black guy. It’s not racism or anything like that… it’s statistics and basic facts… If someone offered you 1 million dollars to guess the ethnicity of a shooter from west valley I know you would put your money on a Mexican

    • bob

      Instead of boo-hooing at Anglos who recognize reality, why not talk to the other Mexicans and encourage them to clean up their act?

      • Ddd

        Agreed. We have a few sad stereotypes that we need to fix,, but im not sure that them being “illegal” was a motive behind the crime…. There’s bigger issues,, like poverty and broken homes…

    • Stinky Pete

      Yeah, except that blacks and Mexicans are the prime perpetrators of child abuse in this country.

      Nice try.

      • Ashley

        Whoa there thats not even right!! There’s so many white people who are abusing raping and murdering kids and do their fair share if not more in crimes.

  • kaiireland80

    Yes this crime is horrible and the people that did should be held responsible. However remember these people too are human and have family members that love them. I’m sure they are going through enough trying to accept what their family members have done. They sure don’t need to see these racist comments.

    • BOB 2.0

      Perhaps these adult criminals, one of them is 38, should have thought about their families before committing this horrific crime. Who knows, perhaps some or all of their parents are already in prison.

      • kaiireland80

        Or perhaps they’re not. That’s yet again another stereotype.
        Either way my thoughts go out to all the families involved. I hope this man had an angel on his shoulder and pulled through.

    • BOB 2.0

      I question your observation that these animals are human. They have demonstrated at total lack of compassion for human life.

      By the way, Mexicans are a nationality and not a race and so your comment about racism doesn’t apply.

      • bob

        Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes that Mexico is a country, not a race. It’s not possible to be “racist against Mexicans.”

  • Tiffany

    The truth … clearly you are ignorant and anything you say its so ridiculous …… what are you WHITE? of course you are because of your ignorant and naive remarks shows your stupidity….. these 4 people have children and I know that for a fact!!!!! because two of them are mine… and my kids are excellent children and are suffering very much so from this incident of Mr. Warrens….I have been divorced for 20yrs ..however black/white/Mexican/Japanese what the hell does that have to do with anything? only Mexicans kill people? How about your government you better pay closer attention to your idiotic remarks …. Its called drugs not Mexicans!!!!!!! its called ADDICTION!!!! its called all these legalized drug dealers (PAIN PILL DOCTORS). Its called 4 people that hurt an innocent man because they all
    were booked on drug charges along with the attempted murder charges!!!!!! However these 4 individuals children are innocent to the bad decisions that these individuals made…. your not a judge nor the jury, I hope justice is served to the most severe sentence that can be given, my children and I are praying for his recovery … and his ability to be able to return home one day with his family, and face I am sure severe fears of ever opening a door with a blind spot of not knowing whos behind it……… SHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ON YOU FOR YOUR IDIOTIC RACIAL REMARKS … THAT’S JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY

    • BOB

      The statistics don’t lie Tiffany. The Truth got it right. Why would you expect people violating our immigration laws to respect any of our other laws. And no, this isn’t a racist comment. Mexicans are a nationality and not a race.

      • kaiireland80

        These four people are not illegal immigrants or immigrants at all. They are American so your argument and Mexican not being a race is null.
        It’s unfortunate that this tragedy has turned into something about “Mexicans”. What these 4 people did is horrific and I’m sure nobody condones what they have done. Their families are hurting also. Their families which are American as well in case you want to use that same lame argument. Mr. Warren obviously is a great man and I’m sure a man that lives to help people would empathize with all of the innocent families involved.

      • Bob

        Mexico is part of North America KAIIRELAND80 and so once again your confused and mistaken. They may, or may not, be US citizens. Either which way the pukes are in jail where they belong.

  • Paul Fitzgerald

    Shooting the old people Americans won’t shoot. Doing the jobs Americans won’t do.
    gosh, so glad to see them come here for a better life from that cartel chaos they are trying to get away from.

  • Stacy Capps

    He is my Landlord he is better then any landlord I have ever had or met in my live time .He cares for everyone if you have a problem he is ready to help you what ever it takes.If you don’t have rent he will try to help you he has never hurt anyone and he never thru people out of his rental property if they don’t have the rent to pay him Robert was a type of man that would always give .Its never been about money he never care about money just to help people who needs a place to live. If they paid the rent that was find if they couldn’t he would wait unil they could pay rent or give them odd jobs to make money if they did not have a job.Lots of landlords don’t care or have a heart for anyone they just don’t care about human beings its all about collecting the rent to make there lives better not others .Robert is one of the best landlord and person you could ever rent from or ever meet and it is sad that he was the one to get shot down because he was the good one not a slum lord like all the other bad landlord in this world.And I hope those people get life sentence or the electric chair they would deserve it.please pray for him he deserves to live his life to the fullest.If you met him you would see he is a Great and Caring man and I am so lucky that I was one of his tenants .My heart and prayers goes out to his wife and Family.You will be in my Prayers Robert Warren .And I will be in Salt Lake City when you get out of the Hospital stay strong and fight hard to get out and prosecute those 4 people who tried to take your life from your family and friends . Stacy Capps

    • Evelyn Katherin Dodd

      🙏👼🙏That was beautiful Stacy , who could do that to a wonderful person I hope & pray he stays strong & gets better soon he will in our 🙏👼🙏 as well!!! & thank you for that beautiful message😊

      • pualani035

        Thank you .I just want everyone to know alittle about Robert warren and how is such a great human being he is and how could anyone hurt him so bad .Thank you for your prayer. Stacy Capps


    TOTALLY heinous. I have to wonder if Mr. Warren being a “slum lord” refusing to correct deficiencies, all too common in Utah, played a part. Too many lawmakers in Utah are landlords, and refuse to pass laws to protect the people. Law enforcement and prosecutors rarely do anything to landlords who refuse to be responsible.

    No excuse for this type of violence, though.

    • Bob

      You’re right!! The four pukes have no excuse for shooting any human being. These animals belong behind bars for life.

  • stanley koziol

    i have know rick for a while now he used to be married to my sister in law that is now dead and his daughter has to live knowing about what kind of man her father is. he has know rob for a while now and was also possibly seen walking around my mother in laws home right up the street about a month before all this. im just happy she moved so he didnt think about going to her house thinking she was an easy target

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