Video: Texas cop shoots tail-wagging pit bull puppy

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WARNING: Some viewers may find the video above disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

CLEBURNE, Texas — Footage from a police officer’s body camera in Texas appears to show the officer shooting and killing a 7-month-old puppy, and it would appear in the footage the dog did not make aggressive or hostile moves.

CW 33 reports the officer fired three shots at a pit bull that was wagging its tail as the officer approached, and the officer can be heard making what sounds like kissing noises before the shots are fired.

Police stated the officer was responding to a call from a woman who felt threatened by several dogs that had trapped her in her car. The dog’s owner, Amanda Henderson, told CW 33 that doesn’t mesh with the dogs they raised.

“In the video you don’t see any aggressive action from our dogs,” she told CW 33. “We don’t raise our pets that way.”

The officer has been put on paid leave due to the incident and has also reportedly received death threats on social media.

Click here for much more on this story from CW 33.


  • bob

    Real journalism doesn’t include a synthesizer soundtrack.

    Whether the cops actions were justified or not it’s illegal and irresponsible to let your dogs run around loose. The owners obviously did not care about the dogs until they saw a chance for a payday at the taxpayer’s expense.

    • Anonymouse

      Ah bob, automatically assuming the worst of humanity while throwing anyone with a heart under the bus…It must be Wednesday.

    • Isaiah D

      Really Bob so if you were just walking down the street, and a cop just walks up to you thus you not being in a threatening manner and shoots you how would you take it? Get a clue sir

    • Sick of Bob

      Do you do anything other than look at the news all day long and find negative things to say about every single article? Shut up already. Jesus.

  • Suzanne

    I am so tired of the hysteria surrounding pit bulls! They are loving, gentle dogs. The cop that shot this puppy is a despicable coward. Not only should he be fired, he should face charges of animal cruelty. If that had been my dog, I would not stop until justice was served. The dog was not aggressive in any way, the dog was a baby! This is beyond upsetting.

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