Teens face charges for allegedly vandalizing LDS church

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DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah — Two teenagers accused of vandalizing a church in Duchesne County owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are now facing criminal charges.

Police arrested Tristan Hirst and Denver Bell, both of whom are 19 years old, after the teens allegedly broke into the church last week.

Police reports indicate the teens allegedly kicked in the doors, pried open a filing cabinet with a hammer and screwdriver, and stole about $500 that had been collected as church tithes.

Several areas of the building were tagged with red spray paint, including a portrait of Jesus Christ.

The teens face charges that include burglary, criminal mischief and theft by deception.


  • bob 2.0

    And they look like such bright lads, too……

    How many extra chromosomes are at work there, do you suppose?

    • which bob am i?

      I bet the LDS will ask for life in prison. We all know they are in the pockets of the government. I would not even be surprised if the cult just made these two “disappear”… But thank jebus they are not girls, someone would want to touch them and seal them.

  • three of the bobs

    I think that Cult Inc. can deal with a $500 loss. That is splash in the bucket for that profit machine.

  • John

    It is completely against policy for tithes to be left in a chapel overnight. In fact, I am not aware of any reason for any cash to be left in a chapel overnight.

    • The doc

      Sounds like the bishop was taking some off the top for himself… Never trust the LDS.. They were founded by a lying, pedophile, adulterer…

  • Bob

    It is sad that the same rabid homosexual using multiple screen names feels the need to devote his entire life to hating the LDS Church. He needs to get a hobby.

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