Mia Love discusses run for Utah’s 4th Congressional District

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Mia Love is the Republican candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional District, and on Wednesday she came to the FOX 13 News Studio, where she responded to critiques levied by her opponents and discussed issues like education and equal pay for women.

Love is running against Democrat Doug Owens, who appeared on FOX 13 News last week. Click here for that video.

The two candidates debated earlier this month, click here for details from that exchange.


  • trevor

    I really don’t think we should leave education up to the state. It will be unequal in several areas. Imagine the Jordan School District split across all of Utah. Education should be maintained by the government. Also, thanks to the Pell Grant and the State Office of Rehabilitation I was able to go through college and now I’m contributing much more to the economy than I would have been if I was not able to go back to school. I did not vote for her. I voted for Doug.

  • Jennifer

    You have my vote, Mia! I’m seeing a lot more support for you here in West Valley City than I saw two years ago. Looking forward to sending your common sense to Washington!!

  • Joe Demura

    United States Companies are a Country of itself, their ceo’s steal billions of dollars from the stock market everyday. Geogre Bush passed a Bill in 2002 saying if you make over a certain amount of money you can steal from the people and not be Criminalized. Mia Love supports these Criminals and that makes Mia Love a criminal, don’t vote for Mia Love Vote for Democrat.

    • Bob

      Congratulations on finally getting your elementary school graduation diploma Joe. I hope you don’t represent the typical democrat. Mia Love has had this election sown up since early August son.

    • Cindy Wolf

      The democrats are more corrupt than the republicans. You, Joe Demura just gave a perfect example of the corruption by making up false information that gullible people will believe. Bush never passed a bill like that and both parties have rich people. George Soros, John Kerry, Al Gore…. Obama is a multi-millionaire.

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