2 killed after man leads Utah police on wrong-way high-speed chase

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah - Two people are dead and another is recovering after a man drove the wrong way on I-15 in Weber County for close to 10 miles.

Highway Patrolmen said it's amazing more people weren't killed; the chase reached speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Troopers said they tried stopping the driver, 28-year-old Cory S. Bertine of Layton, several times along the 10-mile stretch but he never slowed and eventually crashed head-on into a van.

Officials said 56-year-old Carlos Valdez was driving the can and died Tuesday morning.

Utah Highway Patrol first received calls of a car going the wrong way in the southbound lanes of I-15 near milepost 338 in Roy at about 9:40 p.m. Monday.

Troopers first tried to stop the driver near the 31st St. exit in Ogden but the car continued northbound.

They again tried stopping the car near 12th St. but the driver exited the freeway and immediately got back on, still going north in the southbound lanes.

Then near 4th North in Slaterville, the car hit a van head- on, instantly killing the driver of the car.

"He was actively trying to avoid officers," Lt. Chris Simmons said. "When they encountered him and they turned on their lights, he immediately would take the off ramp and it was just an unfortunate thing that someone had to die."

Authorities have not said if drugs and alcohol were involved.


  • midwesternpioneers

    It doesn’t make sense. What can the driver have done that’s so bad it was worth endangering the lives of others? These high-speed chases too often end up killing innocent others. They had his license number and he could have been apprehended later in a less dangerous and dramatic fashion. On the other hand, I believe an example should be made of those who try to elude the police in such an irresponsible manner. When caught, they should be given a lot of time in prison.

    • Readthearticle

      The driver was going the wrong way on the freeway to begin with. They received calls of it and that is why they responded and pursued.

    • Bob

      And your advice, Midwesternpioneers, on what to do about a driver going the wrong way on the freeway would be ….?

  • Norman Padgett

    Wonder if alcohol was involved in deaths/wrong way on I-15? There is usually something that is very badly wrong.

  • Bob

    TRISH RAMIREZ would suggest that the highway patrolmen should have tased Mr. Bertine. Yeah I know, that might be difficult if his window wasn’t rolled down and he was going 100 mph.

  • sangerrainsford2014

    Did we not see this typo? “Carlos Valdez was driving the can”? The man is dead, and we have to post he was on a toilet when he died? C’mon, you guys can do better than that, can’t you?

    • LindsayP

      Look, typos happen sometime and I’m sure whoever had to write this report may have been shooken up at the time. Not everyone is perfect, so stop complaining about a misused word and be more concerning about the lives that should have never been lost today.

      • EmmJae

        This is simply UNBELIEVABLE!! When will people learn!? These deaths were so senseless..no amount of jail/prison time for whatever he was running from, what not worth the senseless deaths he caused and the inevitable heartbreak that will ripple through the community again. Tragic.
        Unfortunately my nieces were involved in the head-on collision in Ogden this past Friday. A woman driving under the influence (more than three times the legal limit!) at 11:30 in the morning, was going the wrong way over the 21st Street viaduct (if you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s a one way east-bound, down hill road). Several cars were able to dodge her..last second, they didn’t have time. Today makes six days, both girls are still in the ICU at Primary Children’s (where there where life-flighted to from the scene).

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