Police identify man killed in officer-involved shooting in Roy

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Scene of reported officer-involved shooting in Roy. Pete DeLuca/FOX 13 News

ROY, Utah — A 35-year-old man is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Roy Tuesday morning.

The case is being investigated as a suicide by cop, according Roy police.

At approximately 4:04 a.m. officers were dispatched to the area of 3700 West and 5300 South on a threatened suicide that was reported to the Weber County Consolidated Dispatch Center from the suicide hotline. Police say a negotiator from the Weber Metro SWAT team attempted to negotiate a peaceful and non-hostile end for several hours.

Negotiation with the Roy man ultimately failed and shots were fired by members of the SWAT team, police say.

The man succumbed to his injuries at 11:15 a.m.

Police identified the man Wednesday as 35-year-old Jose Calzada.

Police say there were other individuals in the home at the time the original call was placed but they left shortly after – the man was the only one inside the home at the time of the shooting.

The Weber County Officer-Involved Fatality Protocol has been implemented and the investigation has been turned over to the Weber County Attorney’s Office.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.


  • Michael Stewart

    They must not have very good negotiators. And to turn it over to the Weber County Attorneys Office. We already know how that is going to turn out.

      • Matthew S.

        Cool. Now, what if we’re talking about “sentence”? Are there different grammatical rules when you misspell a word yourself in the middle of correcting others?

    • miles (dave)

      you did even less than the negotiators as a society we dont have to offer these services to anyone its just a good charity service we do (im also glad we do offer it). you have no idea how good of a job they did. your judgments is based on so little, go slap your self your not thinking correctly

  • Kdc

    Speculation, but I suspect there is a divorce with kids involved with this one! People, try to keep your families together!

  • Hugh Jorgen

    So a suicidal man calls an appropriate group for help as he wants someone to help him live, and another group (the Red & Blue Gang) shows up and kill him. Not sure what they negotiated but I would bet that people in crisis are going to think twice before calling that suicide hotline.

  • james thanhauer

    Good thing that guy called the suicide enabling hot line… What a fine job the SWAT team did, keeping him from murdering himself.. Medals all around..

  • David Rossman

    At least his soul is saved from eternal damnation. (inappropriate sarcasm) If, after 6 hours, you cant talk a guy who demonstrates that he wants to be talked out of suicide out of it, then proceed to kill him, you are completely inept at your job and should be relieved of duty. Try traffic cop or unarmed mall security.

  • Thomas Marshalek

    OK, if he somehow forced the cops to shoot him by imminently threatening them or someone else, that might be suicide by cop, although there might be questions of the competence along the chain from sending a s SWAT team to handle a suicide in the first place, to the team’s own handling of the negotiation with a psychologically unstable individual who may not have posed a threat to anyone but himself at the beginning of the process. If he kept threatening to commit suicide and he was shot because the cops or or one of the cops with an itchy trigger finger got tired of trying to talk him out of it, that would be murder. It really comes down to what motivated the cops to shoot. Has there been any follow up offering a fuller explanation?

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