Salt Lake County teens encouraged to fight against pornography

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- Members of a nonprofit group asked students from Taylorsville High School  to make a promise to fight against the new drug in society – pornography.

Salt Lake County officials kicked off a pilot program in Taylorsville Tuesday to educate teens about the dangers of pornography addiction. The privately-funded program is presented by the group Fight the New Drug.

The nonprofit organization uses science, facts and personal accounts to help students and parents understand how pornography affects the brain, relationships and society.

“We’ve worked for years with professionals perfecting the delivery of this material and really what it boils down to is we want to give teens an opportunity to make educated decisions about this topic,” said Clay Olsen, director and co-founder of Fight the New Drug.

Members of the group told students the problem is that pornography is easy to get -- accessible by phones, computers and tablets. They told the students that children are most likely to encounter porn at the age of 11.

Salt Lake City councilwoman Aimee Newton spearheaded the pilot program. A private donor stepped up to pay for Tuesday’s assembly and she hopes other schools will take part in the future.

“In our culture especially we don’t talk about this enough and if we’re not talking about it kids are getting information from other sources that may not be what we them to have,” Newton said.

At the end of the assembly student signed a banner pledging their willingness to fight the harmful effects of pornography.

Leaders of the Fight the New Drug group say their success should include open lines of communication with parents.

“Our presentation is in no way trying to replace the conversation that needs to take place at home,” Olsen said.

Fight the New Drug also gave a presentation Tuesday evening for parents on how to address pornography with their children.


  • mike hunt

    Also I cannot wait for the old man Bob to chime on this. He will probably being up nature and morals and how’s he’s perfect…

    • miles (dave)

      wow your rather confused seen as you believe oogaling a woman isnt heading in the same direction as cheating on your wife.

      also your comment about the lds… that sounds more like a pat on the back to my lds friends. although im a fan of the latter day saints and the good things they do but i dont think its fair to give them all the credit for this great idea, im sure theirs at least a few non lds people who see value in being moral that participated in this project.

      apparently your not one of those people who see value in being moral, and dont think you do, you have posted enough of your thought to tell everyone that your ok with tiptoeing around with the idea of cheating on your spouse.

  • Bob

    Yes Mike, I’m sure that pornography addiction is a healthy self esteem builder. Everybody knows that men who are addicted to porn make the best husbands and fathers. (Sarcasm for folks who don’t relate well with their spouses.)

    • mike hunt

      Right on time… How does it feel to live in your religious bubble discounted from the real world? Would you rather that guys cheat than watch some pornagraphy?

      • Bob

        As you well know Mike, you can’t roll around in stink and expect to come away smelling like a rose. Real men remember the vows they made at the alter Mike and don’t cheat on their wives. Probably why I’m still with my first wife after all these years.

  • Ivan

    This is just an effort by busy body holier than thou women that are truly ugly or have low self esteem to make it seem like they are doing something worthwhile when the real world has much bigger problems than someone watching porn.

  • Bob

    THE DOC: In time people that spend their life at the city dump get used to the smell. These are the same losers that would have us believe that decent women respect men who are addicted to porn.

  • Bob

    THE DOC is complaining about bigotry towards $exual deviates? Get your mother to explain the concept of morality Doc.

  • Crunch

    I attended this program at my kid’s school a few years back (hesitantly I might add). There is no talk of religion or morals. It is not a religious based program at all. It is strictly science-based with the addition of some personal stories told by the presenters. The founders of this non-profit (young people I might add) started this program because of their own personal experiences with porn addiction (themselves, friends, family) and realizing it has become an epidemic and that there was no help available for it. I was astounded by the statics regarding how many children; even young children as young as 6rs old, are accidentally stumbling upon porn online and how it greatly affects them physically, emotional & mentally the same way the first time someone uses a drug like heroin or cocaine. It is this generations epidemic. This program is no different than the D.A.R.E. program that schools have had for years to educate kids about drugs; this program in particular educates them on the new “drug” that can and will have the same impact on them (again it’s scientifically proven) as a street or prescription drug.

    • miles (dave)

      thank you i love it when some one brings stories and facts and reasons to the conversation table, i cant help but believe that what your doing is closer to what i think real journalism is.

      also earlier the doc asked me how to identify what makes something moral. and the answer to that is… well theirs opinions about morality just like there are opinions about what is and isnt good. then there are facts about these things, and when you take the whole list of results that will come from a decision and measure there values (positive values for good things and negative values for bad things) and do it without emotion just shear logic you end up with a net positive or negative figure. when this is done on a topic people classify as being a moral topic and the value is a net negative result then it is immoral but if it has a net positive figure then it is a moral thing. then then when one value is grater than another you end up with something being more moral than another or less moral

      the more negative emotions (in this case the word negative can be understood as any emotion that you once again measure in a sterile environment and find it has a net negative value) that you permit to exist while quantifying the values of the subjects results the less accurate your results will be

      also its very easy for most people to permit negative emotions into there lives so keep in mind as you do this the more negativity you let in the less accurate you will be… some people spend so much time permitting negative emotions into there lives they pretty well cant do this process until they clean all that garbage out.

      • miles (dave)

        also id like to point out that its some peoples inability to do this proses due to negative emotions, that makes it so i just dont care about there opinions on things.

  • BKB

    Fight the New Drug is doing a great service to educate teenagers on the damage done by pornography viewing. The damage has been revealed through scientifically sound and peer-reviewed studies but there is a lot of disinformation that makes it hard to get the truth through to those who need it. I hope Fight continues to spread the truth about pornography. Those who are dealing with some of the negative consequences can also get help overcoming pornography by reading the book Power Over Pornography.

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