Dad speeding wife in labor to hospital has been ticketed

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CALHOUN COUNTY, Iowa – There’s an update to a story that went viral last week out of Calhoun County.

A father who was pulled over and held at gunpoint has been ticketed for speeding his laboring wife to the hospital.

Last Tuesday, Ben Kohnen was taking orders from his wife, despite seeing the emergency lights in his rear view mirror.

His wife, Rachel, was in labor and thought she wasn’t going to make to the hospital in time to have her baby.

Ben was going 30 mph over the speed limit and that caught the attention of police.

“He starts following me and he turns on his lights and my wife says ‘we can’t pull over, the baby is coming now,’” Ben told WHO-TV.

“I did tell him not to stop,” Rachel added.

Ben listened to his wife and refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over, so police ended up using stop-sticks to blow out the tires on their SUV bringing the couple to a stop on the outskirts of Fort Dodge.

The Kohnens say they were ordered to the ground and held at gunpoint until police realized it was an emergency.

The couple says they tried to call 911 but the dispatcher probably couldn’t understand Rachel in between her contractions.

The story went viral with national and international media outlets covering it.

However, that’s not where it ends.

The Calhoun County attorney is issuing two citations: a speeding ticket for going 86 in a 55 miles-per-hour zone and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Ben tells us this could put his CDL license at risk, which he uses for his job.


    • D.R.

      Then she or the baby could have died while waiting for the as melange to get to her or I’m the ambulance on the way to the hospital at a time that had he just d I’ve her she could have already been at the hospital. It is stupid to wait for an ambulance in an emergency and even more do when it costs a lot more than a ticket.

      Also idiot. Someone who needed the ambulance really bad could have died while it took her to the hospital. You people are stupid. Plain and simple

      • mike hunt

        Having a child is not an “emergency”… It’s a natural thing women do. Also idiot, there is more than ambulance in America…

  • Destiny

    They should have just pulled over. I’m sure the police wouldn’t have minded giving them an escort to the hospital.

    • D.R.

      You don’t pull over in an emergency. That is how people can die. They did the right thing by calling 911 to let the friends of the idiots who nearly killed them know that they were on the way to the hospital. I hope someone is rushing you to you hospital as you are having a heart attack or stroke and they stop and in the precious minutes that you are talking to the cop your life ends. That would be the best thing for all. One less retarded person on earth

      • Destiny

        First off about to deliver a baby is a lot different than a heart attack, one has more of a chance of an unfavorable outcome and secondly, you idiot, running red lights and speeding is more dangerous for them and the public. I am sure glad I don’t personally know you because my comment was in good taste and you are just a sorry excuse for a human to respond in that manner.

  • Ruth Bradfield

    Real logical argument Dan. He should have pulled over. The police actually have training to help in this situation. I guess you think it was better for their tires to be blown out and a pregnant woman in labor to be held at gunpoint laying on the ground? The cops could have escorted them to the hospital. Women in labor and their husbands aren’t always known for making common sense decisions. But what can you say about a person who wishes someone dead because of their opinion on what is basically a non-issue? If you hate stupid people you must really hate yourself.

    • D.R.

      Let us dumb it down for you and these cops. First, this was an emergency. Second, this was in a rural area where the population density is about 17 people per square mile. There are a total of about 5,000 households in the county which is 572 Sq. Miles. Third, this was at night on a deserted road and they were going a safe speed even if they were speeding. Fourth, police aren’t doctors and Are Not trained to help in a situation like this. If they were they would be making more money as doctors and not a high school graduate with a few weeks of training to be a cop. Where do you people get the idea that they are highly trained? Cops in Iowa only need to be 18, be able to read and write in English (the standards for this is low), have graduated from high school or have a God., be in good physical condition, have a driver’s license and other basic requirements. They don’t need any training up to 1 year from the start of their employment meaning that they can have zero training until 1 year from the day of their employment and only then are only required to receive 14 weeks of training. Now compare that to the minimum 5 weeks of full time training that an EMT must complete. If they knew enough to help in an emergency that means their police training was less than 9 weeks. That’s a lot (sarcasm). The fact is that they don’t have the training necessary should something happen and the best thing for her to do was get to the hospital asap. The fact is that police aren’t close to trained on emergency medical procedures or assistance. They may have recently had CPR or first aid trying but that is the extent of most of their training and that may not even be fresh on their minds since they may not have recently renewed that first aid training

      • mike hunt

        D.R. Y realize for the most part delivering a baby is as easy as catching right? I am an EMT, and the OBGYN class is one week long… Delivering a baby is not an emergency, it’s a natural process. Only modern people have made it a “medical condition”.

  • Miranda

    This is so unbelievable that woman was in labor and yes maybe they should have sropped and said my wife is about to have a baby but….to ticket them that’s really pushing it. How about a warning for crying outloud you know it’s a delicate situation and these tickets are unacceptable in my opinion. How about saying I am sorry sir let’s get your wife to the hospital and making way for them to do some speeding. I hope these tickets disappear and the misunderstanding can be cleared up so this man can continue to support his family.

  • ms

    give the guy a break his wife was in labor!!! If you ticket him he”ll lose his cdl and job , then he wouldn”t be able to pay so you’ll put him in jail. So who will win?

  • andrew

    How …disgusting… no wonder that town has so many drug addict’s, their “system” is to focused of harassing innocent family’s.

  • Jerry

    Cops are out of control now blowing out tire and putting a gun to there heads really this country is going to hell.

    • D.R.

      Cops are often the mentally ill segment of our society. They had no idea why the people they were following were speeding and its clear that they weren’t driving recklessly and the speed clearly wasn’t that dangerous to others or the police shouldn’t have been going that speed to keep up with them. Those defending what the cops and the prosecutor did are crazy. They did what any sane person would in an emergency which is to get to the hospital as fast as possible and to not stop for non emergencies such as a cop trying to stop them instead they called 911 on the cops who were behaving dangerously and recklessly over something that wasn’t inherently dangerous such as speeding. They did due diligence and let the police know why they weren’t stopping. The cops and dispatcher failed to do do the right thing.

      • mike hunt

        How is an officer suppose to know why they were speeding? Sane people listen to officers. People like you think they are above the law because they “know better”…

  • leskka

    Having an emergency that can potentially be a life or death situation and receiving a ticket for it? Wow. How much stupider can this society get?! Someone needs to fire the cop that even wrote out that ticket and take away his license.

  • Jana Wheeler

    They could have been delivering the baby in the middle of the street. I think since the 911 operator didn’t do their job, the prosecutor should drop the charges.

  • AS

    So, Maybe the previous story said where the baby was actually delivered since this one doesn’t. Was it delivered in the street after being pulled over? if not, and they made it to the hospital after all the ruckus then it obviously wasn’t an emergency.
    If he had pulled over the officers would probably have called an ambulance and everything would have been fine. If the baby had been born there on the highway the family would have a fun story to tell later about how they didn’t make it and how the police helped deliver their little baby.
    Now all they have is a story that makes them look foolish.

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