Bail reduced for woman accused of abandoning newborn in trash can

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Kearns woman charged with attempted murder after her baby was found in a neighbor's garbage can could be out of jail sometime Monday.

Alicia Englert, 24, appeared in court Monday morning.  Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills reduced her bail from $500,000 to $25,000.  Englert will have to pay ten percent of that amount, or $2,500, in order to get out of jail.

The judge mandated that Englert comply with certain conditions along with the bail: to not discuss the case with her parents or other witness, to undergo a psychological evaluation, and to refrain from contact with a male individual whose name was not released.

Prosecutors say Englert secretly gave birth to a baby girl in August, then did not feed the infant for more than a day before dumping the newborn in a neighbor’s garbage can.  Officers were called to the home near 5300 S. and 5200 West after neighbors found the baby in their trash.  Englert was questioned and, according to detectives, she confessed to the crime and was arrested.

Prosecutors expressed concern that Englert would be a threat if she were to become pregnant again.

Englert’s parents say their daughter has a learning disability and cannot be expected to comprehend her actions.  Both legal teams continue to debate how Englert's mental capacity should factor into the case.


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  • Trish Ramirez

    Sigh, Bob. It’s not legal to abort a 40 week fetus. Late term abortions account for such a small percentage of abortions performed that it’s ridiculous to even discuss. Particularly considering that most of these procedures are done due to cases of severe fetal abnormality (such as hydrocephalus) in which it is virtually impossible to remove a fetus with NO CHANCES of survival outside of the womb any other way. Do you believe that women should lose their chance at future children because they have the misfortune to become pregnant with a horribly deformed fetus that can be removed no other way? Do you believe a woman should be legally compelled to give her life to protect the life of a fetus? Is that what we are, walking incubators?

    Do you realize that the REASON that so many abortions performed later in the term is because women and couples and families AGONIZE over the decision to terminate a doomed pregnancy, and often have to wait weeks to get the final diagnosis of their fetus? Many women don’t get their first ultrasound until 20 weeks gestation. It is generally at this point that fetal abnormalities are detected or suspected. Women gestating a very much wanted pregnancy are rarely willing to consider termination until they know for a verified FACT that their fetus is never going to be viable. This can take WEEKS of additional testing.

    If you are so ignorant as to the subject of abortion, you should certainly not be commenting on it, let alone comparing or equating it with attempted infanticide. Late term abortions are rare, are generally heart-wrenching and life shattering choices, and can be the only option a woman has to preserve her life and/or future chances of having children capable of surviving outside the womb.

    Don’t criticize something that you can’t possibly understand.

    And no ‘liberal’ I have ever met has celebrated an abortion, whether that abortion occurs at 7 weeks or 27 weeks,

    Grow up.

    Life is not black and white. You have no business judging the personal reproductive choices of other people – I’m certain YOU aren’t in a position to support the millions of fetuses that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade, so your really need to keep quiet about that which doesn’t concern you.

    As for this “mentally handicapped” woman intelligent enough to hold down a job, have a driver’s license, party with friends, etc., I believe she should face the harshest possible penalty available under the law. Her decision to try to kill her baby (once BORN ALIVE, a fetus becomes a baby) was one of narcissism and malice. Her parents should be prosecuted along side her for their enabling and negligence, presuming she was so mentally challenged she didn’t know right from wrong yet was unsupervised in any conceivable way. She didn’t just try to kill this sentient infant, she starved it and threw it in the trash. She hid her actions, a clear indication that she knew that others would see them as wrong and a clear and blatant flaw in her parent’s ‘she didn’t know any better’ defense.

    • Bob

      Partial birth abortions used to be the law of the land, and there are still women among us today that support the resurrection of that practice.

      • Alecia

        Bob, until you can actually have a baby, mind your own business. You don’t make laws for something that doesn’t even happen to you. Maybe women should make the laws on a man’s reproductive rights. That would be an awesome day.

      • Bob

        The advantage to being pro-life ALECIA is that you don’t have to make excuses for terminating the life of a baby before or after birth. Flushing a baby down the sink is every bit as cruel as throwing one in the garbage.

  • Bob

    And no, ALECIA, I’m not questioning your legal right to flush your unborn son (or daughter) down the sink. In some states it is as late as 24 weeks. The baby’s heart starts beating somewhere around week #7 but I won’t let that bother you.

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