Protesters call for change in wake of fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah -- A Saratoga Springs family is calling for answers more than a month after their son was shot and killed by police, and protesters lined the street Saturday near the police department with signs demanding justice for Darrien Hunt.

“We will continue to protest until someone asked for the resignation of those officers and that chief of police, and that district attorney,” said protester Natalie Mayfield. “Because it's been a biased investigation from the beginning.”

On September 10, police got a report of a man walking with a samurai-type sword in Saratoga Springs.

Police say two officers confronted Hunt and fatally shot him near a Top Stop store. Officials say Hunt lunged at the officers with the sword, but the man's family disputes that claim.

“I thought this was a safe good place for him, not even thinking that racism still exists, but just him walking down the street scared somebody,” said Susan Hunt, who is the victim’s mother.

The man's family has said in the past they believe race was a factor in the shooting, as Hunt is half black. Police in Saratoga Springs and the Utah County Attorney's Office have both stated there is no indication race was a factor.

About 12,000 people signed the protestor's petition with the goal to change the law and create citizen review boards statewide, to investigate officer involved shootings.

“So police are not policing themselves,” said Cindy Moss, who is Hunt’s aunt. “No agency should police themselves.”

Saratoga Springs spokesman Owen Jackson said the police are still waiting for the Utah County Attorney's Office to complete its independent investigation. Hunt's family spoke Friday about the results of an independent autopsy they paid for, click here for details.

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  • Ron

    Sorry but i heard the 911 call…and no one told the cops to come check on a black man walking down a white neighborhood. the call was for a man, who happened to be black, walking down the street with a samurai sword….seeming out of place because nothing in that area would call for the need/use of a sword.
    from this entire article the sword in only mentioned in two sentences…and im sorry but the family disputes what exactly???? were they there when this all went down??? i wasnt so i cant speculate on actions only wait for the evidence to be shown.

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