Catholics bishops: No agreement on what gays, lesbians offer church

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By Daniel Burke


(CNN) — Catholic bishops ended a tense, two-week summit in Rome on Saturday without reaching a consensus on how to address what gays and lesbians can offer the church, same-sex relationships or Holy Communion for divorced and remarried couples.

An interim report issued Monday was heavily revised by Saturday, with sections excised that had praised the “gifts” gays and lesbians offer the church as well as the “precious support” same-sex couples give to each other.

Even the revised sections, though, failed to garner a two-thirds majority from the nearly 200 bishops.

The report will be used as a basis for the next part of the Vatican synod, to be held next October in Rome.

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    • Brian Michael Owens

      Unfortunately, most Churches and All forms of Government have become all about money. Nothing to do with right and wrong. Everyone should get an fair chance at life, love and liberty. The churches nowadays are more about ruling people than leading or guiding people. As for Government, well, they are nothing more than a business ran by the rich to profit the rich. They profit off middle and lower class families and blame it on nobody. Absolutely NO accountability within our Government anymore but they want to hold the “Civilian” accountable for everything wrong with this country. OK, My rant is over now. thanks for listening.

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