Utah National Guard confirms Camp Williams used in racy calendar shoot

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah National Guard confirmed that a racy calendar shoot took place at Camp Williams, using state equipment and personnel.

Releasing the results of a preliminary investigation into the "Hot Shots 2015" calendar shoot first reported by FOX 13 on Thursday, the Utah National Guard said it did not provide any guns or ammo for the shoot.

However, the Guard confirmed that some of the filming did take place at Camp Williams. On a promotional video for the calendar, the buxom models are seen riding a tank with assistance from men in uniform.

"Limited filming at Camp Williams with Guard personnel and equipment was
confirmed with a senior non-commissioned officer of Headquarters Company 19th
Special Forces Group as the unauthorized approval entity," Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said in a statement. "No payments were received by any Utah National Guard members for support or involvement in the production of the calendar."

Fairbourn said the formal investigation continued, with people being questioned about their role in getting a group of British bikini models and a film crew onto the secure military facility.

"The Utah National Guard apologizes for any embarrassment that this incident may
have caused for its members, their families, and the community and is continuing its
ongoing investigation of this matter," Fairbourn said. "When the formal investigation is complete, appropriate administrative and disciplinary action will be taken."

Some Utah state lawmakers have raised concerns about security at Camp Williams with the gun toting models being allowed onto the facility.

Meanwhile, the Utah Department of Public Safety launched its own investigation after officials recognized two of their officers on the story first broadcast by FOX 13 on Thursday. The officers were at the privately-run Big Shot Ranch in Grantsville, but appeared in the promotional video as the models fired a number of weapons.

Read the statement from DPS here:

On October 16th, Utah Department of Public Safety administrators recognized that two of their officers were involved in the "hot shot" video when the story broke on local news. Preliminary information indicates that the involvement of the officers participation was based on the firing range at the private facility known as the Big Shot Ranch in Tooele County. This is where the officers are observed in the video. They were dressed in their DPS SERT team uniforms. Wearing department uniforms at an event not sanctioned by DPS, nor portraying the values of our agency is very disappointing. DPS is conducting an internal investigation through their Professional Standards Division. Their findings will be reported up to the Commissioner of Public safety for determination of appropriate action.

The Big Shot Ranch issued a statement saying it donated use of its facility for the shoot, and was "assured that everything would be professional and appropriate."

Read the statement from Big Shot Ranch here:

The purpose of our facility is to provide a training environment and equipment to assist law enforcement and military personnel in many ways.  We sell corporate memberships to the facility to those who wish to support law enforcement and military personnel.  Use of the facility was donated for some of the photos based on a representation that a portion of the proceeds of the calendar were for the benefit of a charity to assist wounded veterans.  To our knowledge, we are not aware of any improprieties for the equipment used in the calendar that is not owned by Big Shot Ranch.  We were assured that everything would be professional and appropriate.

Watch the video here (may not be suitable for all audiences):


  • Barry Hall

    Marie, you are quick to have someone fired when you don’t know the facts. You should be fired for being an idiot. What law did they break? What rule did they break? NONE. They went to a private facility in their uniform. That is done every day all over America.

  • John

    LOL this publicity will be huge for sales. I am ordering 2 dozen for Christmas gifts. Please focus you attention on real matters like wars and national security.

    • Debbie

      The problem is NOT the calendar. The problem is no one went through appropriate channels to get this approved. I spent many years in Marketing and Public Relations, and before we could do any kind of photo shoot, interview, or filming, we had to get permission, sign waivers, have waivers signed, etc. If one of these young women had gotten injured (which is possible), they could have and probably would have sued The National Guard.

  • Wow

    if they didnt use the NG base or take the guns that belong to the NG and ammo, then i dont see the problem but if it was their guns and bullets thats different

  • If you do not like what I say I do not care and would not want you as a friend!!

    Secure, Really? Why does everyone refer to it as a secure facility when it is not? However I love the calandar got mine ordered.

  • Jim Sirowley

    You Utah people are retarded! I am so glad I moved out of the state! I don’t know how many times we have brought guests onto military instillations to take part in tours, ride in vehicles and fire our weapon systems. All of this backlash, for women in bikinis? On a private facility? Give me a break! Start looking at your ignorant selves before you call for disciplinary actions! You have no idea the things we see or go through.

    • noneofyourbiz

      First off jimmy, we’re also glad your dumbazze is gone. Second I had a sibling that was “retarded” you frigging jackalope and she was the most precious thing to my family. Third A-holey learn to spell if your effing computer is to old to have spell check. Fourth and last this is class-less just like you and they had no business doing their horn dog shoot on government property my dad was a highly decorated officer and an unbelievable cheater that couldn’t keep it zipped nice to see that PSTD is a blanket excuse for low morals and stupidity…….

      • Wick

        PTSD is a blanket excuse huh.. It’s not an excuse it a bleedin dissorder there tough guy.. It’s moronic comments like that, that make money resided for combat veterans so needed. The bottom line is raising money for a good cause.. Every 18 minutes a combat veteran comits suicide.. But who cares right.. It took a celebrity to make people suicide aware.. Now ya’ll are experts right.. Nothing will happen to 19th SF group.. I was active duty in 5th SF group and many deployments, and know this is not news.. Oh and thank you ya’ll that are buying the calender.. The negative press promoted it.. And now our joes will be getting funded needed for help.. Not just PTSD, but loss of limbs, and tbi’s.. We fought so you didn’t have too.. You are welcome dumbazz..

      • That Guy

        Hey, I had a cousin that was a jackalope. I’m offended that you would use that term in a derogatory way.

  • KG

    Oh man talk about some stiff people. We expect so much from our military and they can not even enjoy one safe, harmless day with gorgeous women. Jealousy is thick I can tell. I would never expect men to devote their life, happiness, patience and more without some relief valve. Especially men who have their testosterone levels increased for the sake of military results, and left hardly any outlet beside war to release it. Time to get real. Lame stiffs of “Hypocrite Town USA”.

  • C Renz

    Awesome job Officers!!! If you lose your jobs come to ROCHESTER NY We will help you get on with us!! AND BRING THOSE LADIES!

  • staci

    Most women are offended by this calender simply because they feel threatened, uncomfortable and jealous. I was at first….but the truth is, it’s for a great cause, my husband is active duty and it makes me happy to see people making money and raising awareness for wounded soldiers. There are plenty of family oriented functions all the time for the same thing, so let the men have their calender of hot girls. It really doesn’t hurt anyone, and the whole shoot was well supervised and nobody was injured. So just let it be. I’m ordering my husband one for his Christmas stocking.

  • Wick

    Oh and by the way local Utah news.. Thank you for the free publicity for this calendar that helps Vets… If you never reported it negative or positive.. Loads of Utahins would not be ordering the calender.. Fox News..this citizen thanks you..

  • Unomancrimewave@hotmail.com

    Tell me again how sherrif Jim winder is involved with this big shot ranch.
    Who again is loaning military equipment or WMD to law enforcement in Utah.
    This big shot ranch is making the news lately.
    Let’s not get our panties in a wad over bacinies. And find out if corporations spoken of by this big shot ranch are buying out our DPS.
    I’m smelling a rat with election politics involving this ranch and winder brushing it under the rug and now this story.
    Hmmm more shurtliff and swallow corruption?

  • Debbie

    The problem is NOT the calendar. The problem is no one went through appropriate channels to get this approved. I spent many years in Marketing and Public Relations, and before we could do any kind of photo shoot, interview, or filming, we had to get permission, sign waivers, have waivers signed. If one of these young women had gotten injured (which is possible), they could have and probably would have sued The National Guard. So, for all you folks out there, who keep making comments about others being jealous, just use your brain for half a second…and realize that the issue is not the subject matter of this photo shoot…it’s about procedure. And, if we didn’t live in such a “Lawsuit Happy” nation, it wouldn’t be an issue regardless.

  • Lynn Pieper Tucker

    Was the original airing of this segment BLURRED like it was here?? I’m absolutely APPALLED that the midsection of these CLOTHED women has been BLURRED as if they were naked. Well Utah.. whatever you do.. DONT GO TO THE BEACH!!

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