Wildlife officials have good news for buck hunters in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah's most popular sporting event begins this Saturday, and it's estimated more than 60,000 hunters will take part in the General Rifle Buck Deer Hunt.

Officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said it could be a great year for hunters due to the fact that the deer population is at its highest since 2000. Officials estimate there are about 333,000 deer in Utah.

They also anticipate hunters will see more bucks, as the buck to doe ratio is estimated to be at 19 bucks to every 100 does. Officials said that ratio is "really good."

But as always, safety is a big issue. DWR officials are pushing for hunters, and anyone else who will be up in the mountains during the hunting season, to wear "blaze orange" so they can easily be seen.

DWR officials said since that law went into effect they've seen a decrease in hunting accidents. In the past decade, there have been four deaths and 70 injuries. Last year there were only five injuries and no deaths.

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  • Derp

    YeeHawww. So did ya git yer deer? Play that Banjo sun we is gunna skin I’m uup!

    More proud moments in Utah. Grats

    • Jason

      DERP you obviously have no idea how much wildlife and wild places rely on the funding from hunters. No group or organization can match the amount hunters do for wildlife, without hunters wildlife and wild places and the beauty of them would quickly diminish.

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