Mom discovers boyfriend is a sex offender after he is arrested for child abuse

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SALT LAKE CITY — A 5-year-old boy is safe after being beaten with a rope thanks to an eyewitness who quickly alerted authorities, and officials said the man who was hurting the child is a registered sex offender.

Police officials said 39-year-old Jason Newton was violently whipping the child near 300 East 300 South in Salt Lake City Wednesday afternoon.

Officers responded to the witnesses’ report, arrested Newton and returned the boy to his mother. Newton is the mother’s boyfriend and a registered sex offender. Police said boy’s mother was not aware the man is a sex offender.

Veronica Montoya, Salt Lake City Police Department, said the child did not suffer serious injuries

“He had some red marks on his arms, neck area,” she said. “It didn’t say if medical had to be called out, so I think the child’s OK.”

Montoya said sometimes people are unsure of whether or not they should call to report suspected child abuse, but she said citizens should always call to alert authorities of the situation if they are concerned.

Newton faces charges of child abuse, criminal trespass, and for being in the presence of a child as a registered sex offender.


  • Bob

    The typical boyfriend momma meets in a bar is interested in what she can give hime and not in her 5-year old son who was sired by another male.

      • Bob

        Let me spell it out for you Pat. Children are afraid of the imaginary monster hiding under their bed. This mother finds a real live monster to spend “quality time” with her son. This boy would be safer living with his bio-dad …. assuming his mother knows who that is.

  • Valerie Parkhurst

    When a guy who has sexual offender status “fails to disclose” that status then its not a great leap to know there is a valid reason for it, he is up to no good, Then, there are women who go out of their way to indulge in relationships with these freaks. It has been my observation the vicious wheel of child abuse can be layed at the feet of women who do not take the time or effort to “protect” their nest and devious men can spot these women a mile away.

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