Gift of Hope: Doctor discusses transplant that saved his life

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In this week's edition of Gift of Hope, Doctor Terry Box of University of Utah Health Care speaks about his work to diagnose liver disease as well as his own personal experience with liver problems and the need for transplants.

Box said he would not be alive today if it were not for an organ donation. See the video above for his comments,  and click here to learn more about donating organs.


  • Dixie

    Thank you for this story about Dr. Box. I met a man recently who had a liver transplant. He said that when he was told he was in liver failure and needed a transplant, he was really unsure about whether to get one. He wondered about quality of life. After he met Dr. Box, it gave him the courage to go forward with what he needed to do for his health and his family.

  • Danielle H

    Dr. Box has been an inspiration for me. He helped me through a liver transplant last year. Raising awareness for donating organs is a very important! I know that people that know me that were not donors before are now. By making people aware of what a miracle can come from a transplant they will realize how important it really is to be a donor.

  • Mark ramsey

    What an amazing man he is. Have had the opportunity to spend time with he and his family and have experienced his love for life, but more importantly, helping others. Thanks fox13 for sharing this story to help educate others of the importance of organ donation.

  • Nona La

    When you think of how many patients Dr. Box has treated – his donor saved so many lives! Just goes to show how one person, with one selfless decision, can make the world a better place.

  • Alex McDonald

    Dr. Box is one of the kindest, caring people I know. As Nona mentioned in her post, because he is still alive, thanks to his donor, he has saved and improved so many lives. He is an inspiartion with his positive attitude and is living proof of how donation and transplantation doesn’t just affect one life, but many.

    Thank you FOX for this great series of stories!


  • Sophia Hill

    Very inspiring! I loved hearing about his triumph and the work he is personally doing to improve donation and such. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rocky & Sherry

    Thank you for being the champions for people like my husband who needs a liver transplant like Dr. Box was blessed with.
    Please more stories like this and please continue to be champions for those who have no voice. Thank you.

  • Alexis M

    It is wonderful that this man is alive today to save other people’s lives because someone said yes! Dr. Box is an amazing example of what saying yes can mean to a person, not only has he had the opportunity to see his families achievements but also to save so many lives. Thank you Fox 13 for sharing this story and the entire series and for raising awareness about organ donation!

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