Police: Baby in Virginia dies after being left alone in crib for 16 hours

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(CNN) — A 9-month-old Virginia baby died after she was left alone in her crib for 16 hours while her parents drank, police said.

Prince William Police said Avarice Alexander was put in her crib by her father, Adam Alexander, around 8:30 p.m. on October 4 at the family’s home in Nokesville. The baby rolled onto her stomach immediately, and no one checked on the infant for over 16 hours, authorities said.

Avarice’s mother, Jasmyne Alexander, returned from work to the home she shared with Adam, his mother and sister around 11:30 p.m. Authorities said both parents started drinking, leaving their baby alone in her crib the entire night into the following afternoon.

Jasmyne went to bed around 3 a.m. and Adam stayed up until 9 a.m., authorities said.

When Jasmyne Alexander checked on her daughter the afternoon of October 5, the baby wasn’t responsive, police said. Avarice was declared dead at the scene.

A few hours later, Jasmyne Alexander posted online asking for money to help bury her child, according to CNN affiliate WJLA. The Instagram post below appears to show the deceased child.

Police said the parents had not taken Avarice to a doctor for the past seven months, even after noticing Avarice had problems breathing.

Jasmyne and Adam Alexander have been charged with felony child neglect. If convicted they could face 10 years in prison.

Police said the investigation into Avarice’s death is ongoing.

HLN reached out to Jasmyne and Adam Alexander for a comment, but calls were not returned.

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  • tracy reed

    10 years “IF” THEY are convicted are you kidding me? They are trash that killed there baby because of selfish drinking. IF wow I think they need to get the death penalty my heart breaks for that little angle.. I keep asking myself why does God give these type of people a life just so that they can kill it I truly do not understand.. And they are asking for help with the cost of the funeral what do you do that baby deserves a funeral… RIP little angle..

    • Pat

      It is a sad tragedy. Although it has nothing to do with a magical sky wizard as you suggest. this is the ‘freedom’ that people insist on. the freedom to have children, the freedom to drive, the freedom to do all manner of things that people are not intelligent or competent enough to do. There is also no punishment for crime in Canada or the USA. Prison is not a deterrent and as you can tell, does nothing to prevent these things from happening. Crime has not lessened no matter what the reports tell you.We have no danger of running out of people, so we need to bury the garbage that can’t act properly.

  • staci

    I have a toddler and infant and even tho they both sleep through the night, I still get up at least once a night to check on them both. I don’t believe in judging others without knowing the situation first hand, but as a mother this story horrified me and sickens me to no end. Its fine to put your kids down and have a few drinks, but to out right ignore your child for 16 hours…that’s 16 hours no food, drink, diaper change…and ultimately letting her die. There is no excuse for that and I hope they both get prison for a very very long time.

    • NMS

      Exactly…there is no excuse that would cover 16 hours … I don’t need any more facts than they presented here to know that is NEGLECT !

  • liz

    They should move to St. George, Utah. The death of their tmchild will be deemed a trajedy and the idiot oarents will walk. Sick.

  • MJ Brewer

    Perhaps they would have the money to bury their daughter if they hadn’t managed to drink it all. These people do not deserve our pity–the baby does–but paying for the burial isn’t going to help a deceased baby. Absolutely vile and disgusting. Was she still drunk a few hours later when she asked for help? Must’ve been.

    • Trish Ramirez

      And the Utah mother who literally baked her child to death in a hot car may have had the funds to bury her child if she didn’t give 10% off the top to the church. Yet I didn’t see you sanctimonious mormon scum complaining about her fundraising. How much can it possibly cost a mormon to bury an infant anyway? A 3 ft long coffin, a Relief-Society catered luncheon complete with all the funeral potatoes one can stomach and a headstone?? I bet your bishop even officiates for free graveside. Did you see the lifestyle that mormon baby killer mother was living? Beautiful home, beautiful vehicles, money to support a gaggle of little mormon offspring and SHE got a fundraiser – no questions asked. Who are you to judge these people for fundraising? This woman in Utah padded her bank account after cooking her infant daughter slowly and and in a torturous manner to her death and I didn’t see you complaining about that – and the ‘good little mormon mommy’ isn’t even going to be charged for her heinous child neglect homicide. You’re quite the hypocrite, MJ. Apparently, in your POV, you can brutally end the lives of as many children as you want to as long as you pay your tithing and don’t drink alcohol.

  • Becky Dawn Bean

    HOW has no one commented on the baby’s name? “Avarice”, as in PURE GREED? One of the Seven Deadly Sins! I think that makes it pretty clear what type of parents we’re dealing with here. And if they didn’t know the definition and just thought it “sounded pretty”, that’s where the neglect started. Who DOESN’T know what their kids’ names mean? They may as well have renamed themselves “Mr. & Mrs. Sloth”, since they obviously had no desire to check on their most precious asset, or Perhaps “Mr. & Mrs. Gluttony”, since bingeing on booze was more important to them than her sweet soul.

    • Trish Ramirez

      Sigh. SO what you are telling me is that if a parent doesn’t diligently investigate the origin and meaning of their offspring’s name, they are negligent? How ludicrous. Were you aware that “Becky” simply a pet form of the name “Rebecca” literally meaning “to bind.” What the eff is so spectacular about that? Your parents named you after a kinky form of fornication. Congrats. They must really hate and have neglected. Yay for you.

    • LoriJD

      Exactly, Becky…You beat me to it. My comment was, “Who on earth names their child Avarice???” Kind of like saying, “Oh, we’re naming her Melanoma, so pretty, just rolls off the tongue.” Geez…

  • denimpants

    So, as sad as this sorry is, my most potent reaction is: you’re naming your baby after a deadly sin? I mean, does no one else think that naming your baby Avarice is kind of strange…? Pride maybe… Wrath too. I mean… ya…maybe they are Full Metal Alchemist fans…

    • Trish Ramirez

      Depends upon your belief and lifestyle. I bet there’s a huge segment of society (like 90% or more) who find the names Nephi and Ephram and Brigham and Ammon and Moroni and Sariah and such absolutely bizarre and utterly disgusting.

  • Rose Lindley

    Terrible parents hope they get ten years. When the baby woke up no one was loving enough to feed the child or give a hug.. Sad when more priority was given to the liquor then this beautiful child who needed care. what kind of a mother leaves and does check before she goes to work or after work. The grandma has no compassion either and could not step up to the plate. Hope this people never can have children – they don;t have common sense to be a parent.

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