Doug Owens discusses debate, race for Utah’s 4th Congressional District

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Two candidates for Utah's 4th Congressional District debated on Tuesday, and on Wednesday one of those candidates came to the FOX 13 News Studio to discuss the race.

See the video above for Democrat candidate Doug Owens' comments on the race, and click here for details about the debate between Owens and Republican opponent Mia Love.

FOX 13 News reached out to Love's campaign, but they were not able to appear on the show Wednesday alongside Owens. Love appeared on FOX 13 News October 22, click here for her interview.


  • Jennifer

    Last night’s debate proved that Mia Love is better on the issues than Doug Owens. Doug was literally sweating bullets, and he seemed to have a poor understanding of several issues. Sorry Doug, but America has serious problems right now, and we can’t afford a congressman who needs major on-the-job training.

    • kevan

      Are you kidding me? Mia was lost. Doug isn’t the best speaker but he spoke with logic, rather and based if emotions. Like Huntsman, Mia spoke of what she wanted to do with empty words. She complained about attacking her because she knew he would drill her on her lies (she told a couple of them).

      • TheOtherBob

        Wishful thinking isn’t going to get Doug Owens elected Kevan. You’ve still got 20 days to pray for a miracle. Who knows, maybe Mia will get hit by lightning and Doug will then get the undecided vote.

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