Teaching to twerking: Former educator now making 6 figures with dance craze

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A teacher quit her job in the classroom to take up dancing, twerking to be exact.

Social media sensation Jessica Vanessa is taking her cue from Miley Cyrus and said it is really paying off.

The 22-year-old Florida resident is now making twerking videos full-time.

Barcroft TV reported Vanessa is raking in six figures with the career change.

Vanessa said advertisers pay her beaucoup bucks to mention their products in her videos.

Source: WGHP


  • Trace

    How horrible she was called names. :(‘ ‘ Bet the beauty that has brain cancer would trade places for that misery. Always remember it could be worse.

    • bob

      I won’t call her names. If jiggling her backside is her only talent I have nothing but pity for her. Jiggle away, I say.

  • jordierivers

    She was not a teacher, she was a teacher’s aid. If you listen to her speak, it is obvious that she has little education.

  • Jane K

    You’d think she could afford better digs and clothes with those 6 figures. Bet she drives a Ford Focus or something.

  • Amanda

    Congratulations – you are setting a shining example for those children you used to teach. “Twerking” is not a dance! It is DISGUSTING, and a way to exploit women. If it quacks like a duck, dresses like a duck, and “dances” like a duck…guess what….IT’S A DUCK!!!

    • Stinky Pete

      Ducks don’t dance you stupid idiot. You need to learn your Ornithology. Also, you need to learn about real dance. Ballet studios are teaching twerking nowadays. You need to just get with the times and realize that you are a Negative Nelly.

  • suze

    I’m thinking a “career” based off of a fad will not be long lasting. Hopefully she can invest the money wisely.

  • If you do not like what I say I do not care and would not want you as a friend!!

    Why do so many of you hate? She is beatiful and talanted. She has taken a chance in life, good for her. How many of you haters have the guts to take a chance like her? I wish my wife would learn how to do it and twerk for me.

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