Mia Love, Doug Owens debate tackles issues

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SALT LAKE CITY -- It's one of the most closely watched congressional races in Utah and Tuesday night the public got a chance to see Mia Love and Doug Owens go head to head in a live, televised debate.

Democrat Doug Owens thinks he has a shot at winning the 4th Congressional District seat, but Republican Mia Love felt good about the debate too.

Both of them faced tough questions submitted from the public.

With nine percent of Utah voters undecided about the 4th Congressional District race, the debate was make or break for Love and Owens.

The two tackled issues including education, the Affordable Care Act, partisan gridlock, corporate tax, illegal immigration and whether or not to send ground troops to fight the terrorist group ISIS.

After the debate the two candidates answered questions about how the race is going with just three weeks until Election Day and about each other.

Love said several times Owens was attacking her during the debate, instead of focusing on the issues and solutions to them. Her opponent disagreed.

"If you've got someone confident in what they're saying and confident in what they're doing, you don't have to attack the other people. Most of the things he talked about was trying to get people to believe something other than what I've said. I've said I've never called away from doing away with student loans," Love said.

"I think it's totally fair in a congressional election to be talking about the differences on the issues. Frankly I think she's hiding her position on student loans, Pell grants and the Department of Education," Owens said.

The Utah Debate Commission hosted Tuesday night's debate at KUED at the University of Utah. It was a chance for the public to see the Republican and Democrat unedited.

Election Day is Nov. 4.


  • Dr. Scott W Martin

    Mia didn’t win as much as Owens lost on his own accord. The past is the past and his continued reference to the past and his elitist family and friend didn’t make a difference in the eyes of the democratics. It was a completely absurd argument that he was making. It was old school politics at its best, never give a straight answer and always include every issue in every question. He wore me out just listening to his diatribe. He is an attorney and his wife is a pedestrian…what do they know about the social problems of today?

    • Warren S. Monson

      It was obvious Mia Love knew and was up to date on the issues. I was waiting to see what Doug Owens really was and what his stand is on the issues. All I found out about him is he is proud of his fathers accomplishments. But what is his? He kept talking about working with those across the isle. He didn’t address the high national debt, he completely shied away from that issue. I favor Mia to represent me.
      I would like to hear something on the issues:
      teacher tenure
      rite to work, worker choice
      Roads and Infrastructure

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