Family of missing woman reacts after police release audio from 911 calls

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MURRAY, Utah -- It's been nearly two weeks since a 30-year-old Murray woman vanished from her apartment complex. Thursday, police released the 911 call Kayelyn Louder made the day she disappeared.

Louder tells the 911 dispatcher that she believes someone has broken into her home. We can hear the 911 dispatcher asking Louder if she knows who the person in her home is.

Louder responds, "No I don't. I just know that there's an intruder in my house."

Louder tells the dispatcher she didn't see the person or people in her home, but heard them.

"I heard someone say, 'Hey go in there,' so there's probably two of them."

At several points during the 911 call, Louder yells for the intruder to leave.

The 911 call also reveals Louder’s roommate was home at the time and questions Louder’s belief someone was in the home.

The roommate says, "The bolt's still locked, it's impossible."

Louder responds, "They must have a key or something."

Louder's roommate continues, "Why is the door still locked?"

Louder answers, "Well I can't explain that but I heard, like, two people talking."

Police have said they are worried about Louder's state of mind and are concerned she might be delusional.

Louder's family hadn't heard the 911 call until they listened for the first time at the FOX 13 News Studio Thursday afternoon. Louder's sister, Madi Rodriguez, said nothing sounds odd about her sister in the call.

"To me she just sounds scared, and if I were scared--I would call 911 too," she said.

Rodriguez is discounting what police are describing as delusional behavior.

"Whatever her state of mind is, to me personally, as her sister, it doesn't matter to me,” she said. “She's missing, and we just need her home no matter what. So to me, it seems irrelevant because she's been missing for almost two weeks now.”

Family members said the mystery surrounding Louder's disappearance is the hardest part for them to deal with.

"We want to think that she has ran away or any of that because then we know that she's OK and alive, but we're still hoping for the best," Rodriguez said.

Louder was last seen on surveillance video leaving her condo in a tank top, shorts, and no shoes. Police said she left behind her wallet, cell phone, and dog.



      is the roommate involved in her disappearance? is the roommate covering for the intruders? is she one of them?

  • dave

    what upsets me a little bit is i wish this report would come right out and say very clearly if when the last time she was seen on the surveillance if the time stamps on that footage was dated before or after the 911 call was made… heck i also wish they would give the footage of the surveillance to let everyone see if what kind of mood she may have been in by the way she walked, ran, was dragged by someone, staggered because of drugs etc.

  • harmony

    Seems to me the most important fact is.. she is missing. I mean honestly, if she was delusional, or confused, upset enough to leave everything behind including her shoes… Something is terribly wrong here. There are a lot of things that can make a person that way, not just drugs. Blood sugar, UTI , insomnia, anxiety.. who knows. If it was drugs, who is to say she willingly took drugs..who is to say someone didnt “give” them to her…I mean ,not to make accusations, but she was obviously upset and her roommate , knew her condition and did not stop her from leaving or follow her. not sure I could let someone that upset and “delusional” be out on the streets alone and barefoot.Just seems odd to me that is all. how far could this barefoot , frantic woman have gotten without somebody noticing her?

    • Festus Hagan

      I wonder the same things, Harmony. It’s not like she was near the mountains and can fall of a cliff. She’s in the city. If she was hit by a car or some other accident, someone would have seen it or her. I’m sure any nearby building have been searched, as well as those nearby with criminal records. This is such a mystery, I hope she is safe somewhere resting.

    • Kris

      Yeah I think it’s strange that no one saw this “alleged” delirious woman. Oddly enough, did I miss something in the story or did they not say anything about her car or keys missing? Hmmmmm….So why did they not say she left without her keys or her car? Does she not own a car or did they just avoid stating that?

  • Dayna

    Why in the world didn’t the police do a “well-being-safety check on her! After 3, 911 calls they clearly should have if they were concerned about her demeanor why wouldn’t they have checked on her!!
    What’s up with the roomie??? Why didn’t she let the family know she was concerned about this girl!
    In the end … She’s someone’s daughter, sister and friend…. Regardless of how they find her, I pray they find! Peace is a huge part of grief and they all deserve that…

  • jan

    Prayers for her and her family… I get the feeling that she maybe just stepped out on the porch to have a smoke or get some air, that is why she doesn’t have shoes and left her stuff in her apt……. WHO is the man in the car, that took her away ????? “LETS FIND THIS GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joy

    She was taken plain a day? just hope she can beat the weirdo or weirdos that took her. someone has her. they need to let her go…

  • Kris

    Okay, this is strange because of the dog was back at the house, who let the dog back in? We never saw the dog on the surveillance video come back up. We at least did not see her with the dog after she ran from where she left the dog. So who let the dog back in? Something is very weird about this and I think they should check out the roommate as well.

  • Wendy Barnes

    In my neck of the woods, if someone calls 911 multiple times, saying there are people on their property or in there home, and the police or other family member has no idea what they are talking about, it is bath salts.

  • Bonnie

    If you watch the video closely she looks behind her repeatedly while she is running…someone (or she thought) was chasing her. I wondered too if the roommate had anything to do with this??? Also, she’s a social worker helping teenage boys with some serious problems…have they looked into any of her previous clients who might be holding a grudge or obsession? I smell foul play and Bass with Murray is too lazy to do anything but concoct some make believe story of “delusions”.

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