Party’s executive director discusses state of Democrats in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Democrats face a possible fate they haven't experienced since 1986. That's the last time all of Utah's congressional seats and statewide offices were held by Republicans.

But State Democratic Executive Director Matt Lyon said Democrat Doug Owens is "within eight points" of Republican Mia Love in the race for Utah's Fourth Congressional District, and he said Democrat Charles Stormont could also pull off an upset against Republican Attorney General Sean Reyes.

But even with the losses, the state party is looking at a landscape that may be trending in their direction.

"Our mission is to elect Democrats," Lyon said.

Lyon said the party expects to gain seats in the coming State House of Representative races.

"This election cycle we're expected to pick up a seat in Price, in Carbon County, and we should also pick up a seat in Ogden," Lyon said.

And Lyon said the Democratic Party is fundraising at a much faster clip than the GOP.

In the 2013-2014 campaign season, Democrats have raised $2,432,264.00 as of August 31 and Republicans raised $1,603,331.00 in the same period. Democrats also had $394,559.00 on hand, compared to $51,530.00.

"Honestly, I think we have to work harder in this state," Lyon said.


  • Jennifer

    “Our mission is to elect Democrats,” Lyon said.

    That’s the problem with politics. The goal should be to elect the people who have the best ideas, who will be transparent, and who will be accessible to the public. But for hyper-partisans like Mr. Lyon, the goal is to elect adherents of a particular political party. That attitude is why we have so many problems in this country.

  • Bob

    The good folks in Detroit have voted for the Democratic ticket continuously for the last 51 years. The city is bankrupt and there is no money to pay retired government employees. Utahns obviously know something the folks in Detroit still can’t figure out.

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