Bountiful teens admit alleged kidnapping, escape was a hoax

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BOUNTIFUL, Utah – Authorities are now saying the teen girls who claimed they were kidnapped in Bountiful have just admitted the whole event was a hoax.

Police said they found surveillance video which clearly shows the two girls in a convenience store during the time of the alleged abduction.

Officers confronted the teens, ages 16 and 17, about the video and said the pair eventually admitted it was all a hoax.

The teens could now face charges for falsely filing a report of abduction back in September.

Bountiful Police said the teens originally told officers they were abducted at about 2 a.m. Sept. 9 and held in a red SUV against their will.

According to police documents, the teens said they were held for about 19 hours and when the SUV stopped in Santaquin, “One of the girls defeated her restraints then aided the second victim in escaping the SUV. The girls ran on foot passing several motorists who did not stop when the girls tried to flag them down.”

Officers said the girls told them they were restrained with duct tape but were able to get out of it and escape through the back of the SUV.

The girls eventually borrowed a phone from a passerby to call 911.

The mothers of the two teens spoke with Fox 13 back in September after their daughters returned home.

One mother said, “Around 11 o’clock that night they did snapchat everyone saying they were going on a walk. Around 11:45 they only sent snapchats to a few people, only a couple coworkers, that they were being followed.”

According to their mothers, the girls refused a ride from three people in a red SUV and that’s when things got violent.

“The two men jumped out, they grabbed them, they beat them, they threw them back in the back of the car. They were driving for an extended period of time with extended stops and every time the girls moved or whimpered or cried they would hit them or cut them and threaten to kill them,” the mother of the 16-year-old girl said back in September.

One mom said, “They’re both clingy. My daughter, she’s pretty much gone everywhere with me, everywhere. She’s paranoid even if I go upstairs.”

The other mom said, “Right now, my entire house is on lockdown. Nobody is going anywhere. Nobody goes outside by themselves. We don’t know if these people know where we live. We’re just taking every precaution until we know more.”

We are working to speak with the mothers and daughters now, after learning the abduction and escape are false claims.

Mothers of kidnapped teens speak on life after the attack

Original story: Bountiful police seek public’s help after 2 teen girls escape from alleged kidnappers


  • trevor

    Saw that from the moment this story aired. Can’t take the punishment, so go ahead and waste other people’s time and money.

  • Kelly

    I told you this was a crock! Scandalous lil girls! You knew you wouldnt get away with this! And to think of all the dumbfounded people who believed those lil trouble makers! One guy was believing they were innocent he was being a jerk but the fact is he just needed to pull his head out!

  • Bob

    They need some time in juvenile detention, and they (not their parents), need to pay restitution for the cost of the investigation.

  • Echo

    how ignorant can someone be? just look at these girls and you will find some of the answer!

    the time wasted, the man power and money wasted. the danger that they put someone in. yes danger for anyone who could have drove thru town in a red SUV. they could have gotten someone falsely arrested or even killed. all because of their stupid lies.
    and i’m sorry but what in the hell were the parents doing to let them go “for a walk” at 11pm?

  • Does it matter

    Parents need their rights back and take the two behind the wood shed after they pick the proper switch. Then turn them over to unarmed police (unarmed because too many cops are trigger happy). Then the girls need to pay back all costs involved that tax payers were out. Lock them up and do not let them have a drivers licence until age 21 if they are done paying for everything. They should not have any luxury items while locked up. They must get their High School diploma, and start college after that. The parents need to be held accountable for these girls being out at all hours. Maybe charges for child neglect and they must pay all expenses the parents cause the tax payers to pay for.

    • bob

      Lock them up at your own expense. But they should certainly spend every Saturday picking up trash by the side of the road for a year or so.

      The punishment should not only fit the crime, it should also benefit the victims. (Namely US.)

  • David Whittington

    This whole story was PHONEY from day one. I KNEW this yarn would be exposed as a hoax. Two young teen girls are out late partying with friends, and then they concoct an incredibly stupid lie to tell their parents. Only FOOLS would have believed this story from the start, and the girls parents fall into this category. The police and first responders need to add up all the costs and aggravation this hoax has incurred and give the dumb parents a huge bill. If the parents are forced to pay a large bill, it may discourage other parents from allowing their teen girls to be outside walking around at 2 am on a school night.

  • not_yours

    Ah yes! where’s all the commenters that were bashing and wishing for evil things to happen to me and others that commented on this story last month that said something just didn’t seem right? Where are they now? I and many others could see right through the spoiled lil girls that have no discipline. Kids these days, just as my parents said, have NO idea! Good luck to them in their journey over the next several years as it will take quite a bit of time to earn that trust back from not only their loved ones, but their peers as well.

  • bob

    Not surprising. This happens all the time. The hoaxes vastly outnumber the real cases.

    Next, let’s find out who the ADULTS are who lured these underage girls to Santaquin.

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