Same-sex marriage supporters celebrate SCOTUS ruling

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Hundreds of same-sex marriage supporters rallied at Library Square in downtown Salt Lake City Monday night, celebrating the high court's decision not to hear the same-sex marriage appeal.

That means same-sex marriage is legal in Utah.  Many at the rally were stunned, others told FOX 13 it was unexpected and some never thought they'd live to see this day in Utah.

"Today to be legally married in our beautiful state, all you need is love," said one woman attending the LGBTQ celebratory rally.

"When we filed this suit, in March of 2013 in advance of the Windsor decision, we had a lot of resistance from a lot of people telling us that Utah was not the place to start an equality movement," said Peggy A. Romsic who argued for the plaintiffs on the Kitchen v. Herbert case.

Hundreds packed into Library Square in celebration and there to kick it off was the couple, which has been on the forefront of this fight.

"We are here today because of everyone one of you, and everyone in this state that has rallied around us and has supported us and has been there for us from the very beginning," said Derek Kitchen, who stood next to his partner Moudi Sbeity.

The couple is one of three who took the same-sex marriage fight to the nation’s highest court.

Many were surprised by the timing of the Supreme Court's decision.

"Stunned a little bit," said Alison Satterlee who was at the rally.

"We were surprised. I didn't think it would happen in at least the next year so I am ecstatic. It's such a happy feeling to be engaged and know that we can really get married in our home State," said Reiko Turner, who is engaged to be married to Alison this month.

Others said they are just happy they are finally being recognized.

"It's amazing. It's just such an exciting day," said Sasha Luks-Morgan.

"I'm recognized in the state I live in. The woman I love is legally my wife," said Sarah Luks- Morgan.


  • Joseph Smith

    Utah is moving forward from the LDS regime! How many LDS cringed today… Keep calm and hate on cult members…

  • breedemyoung

    If you read the comments on the lds ran news station webpage the members of that religion are spewing utter disgust and hatred, I thought their prophet dallin oaks told them all to be kind and respectfull of others regardless of the outcome of the supreme court decision….I cant believe a Christian based faith could spew such Hatred…sure am glad I got out of the Cult while I still could !

  • ShirlSumm (@ShirlSumm)

    They did not RULE or DECIDE on anything. They refused to hear the case at this time. That means that they can and most likely will rule on it in the future. At best people should be cautiously optimistic.

  • Leigh Ann

    Shirlsumm if the Supreme Court did decide to hear a case at a later time it would be harder for them to flip flop and say that it is constitutional after this choice to not say anything. Not only would it affect the over 1,000 couples who were married, but the thousands more that will follow in the next few days.

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