Man leaves vehicle on I-15 to buy gas, dies after being struck by car

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MIDVALE, Utah — A man was hit and killed by a vehicle while running across I-15 to bring fuel to a car that had run out of gas near 7500 South on northbound I-15.

According to information from the Utah Department of Public Safety, a car ran out of gas around 10:40 p.m. Friday, and one of the occupants jumped over a barrier and crossed the southbound lanes to get fuel.

The man was able to get gas, but as he was running back to his car he was hit and killed by a vehicle traveling in the left lanes. Officials later identified the man as 27-year-old Victor Muller of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The release stated a friend and a child were waiting for Muller in the car.

Officials said all vehicles involved in the crash returned to the scene of the crash. Officials have not yet made any mention regarding the possibility of citations in connection with the crash.



  • Hunter

    i was driving home from work when this happened i pulled up when the medical crew was showing up, nobody could have ever seen somebody that quick on the freeway at night, so you just look like a idiot but you’re probably adjusted to that.. And im not someone saying it because im mormon because im not but i saw the scene just after it happened

  • Mike Alleman

    Amazing how a tragic story turns into Mormon bashing with the first comment. You sir/ma’am are an idiot. If you hate Mormons enough to choose that screen name, no “maybe” about it, you need to move. I am not an active Mormon and the control Mormon’s have in this state is frustrating at times, but they were here first. Don’t like it? Leave! Your Mom is prolly tired of you living in her basement anyway.

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