Father in custody after K9 helps locate missing, endangered child in Tooele

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah -- A sharp-nosed K9 is responsible for finding an endangered and missing child in Tooele Saturday.

After the boy's father, Richard Mamales, had altercation with the boy’s mother Friday night, the father took the 5 year old and threatened to kill him. The man then disappeared for the night.

Samantha Mamales is Richard’s daughter, and she spoke about the suspect.

“He’s a very toxic person,” she said. “You know he gets on this drug, and no filter, emotion no nothing. He thinks he can take on the world.”

Tooele police received a call Friday night that a domestic dispute had occurred at a home where Richard Mamales stays with his daughters, Tiffany and Samantha.

Mamales shares custody of his 5-year-old son, Derek, and often brings him to that home on weekends, but Friday night the boy’s mother sensed some erratic behavior and tried to take the boy home.

“He does drugs so much that it’s constantly a fight, there’s no co-parenting with him,” Samantha said.

Alan Honsaker and “Max” the bloodhound have been finding missing children in Utah for more than eight years. Anytime a child goes missing, Utah’s Child Abduction Response Team is activated, and officers from various agencies come to help. Honsaker is a member of South Salt Lake’s K9 unit who responds as part of the response team.

“He gets called out on the initial CART activation, so once we know where the child was last seen he can take his dog there and track to try to find the child,” said Patty Reed, who is the Utah Attorney General’s Office CART Coordinator.

It was around noon Saturday that Max the bloodhound tracked Mamales and his son to a shed not far from the Tooele home where they were last seen.

“Max was able to walk into the track at that point and take me to where the suspect was hiding,” Honsaker said.

Police are unsure of what charges Mamales may face at this point, as the investigation remains open.

“We’ll screen the case for the alleged treats and other concerns we may have having the boy out all night,” said Capt. Paul Wimmer of the Tooele Police Department. “We’ll look at any and all charges that may be applicable to the case.”


  • Lisa tanner

    Lady, you don’t know the whole story! Mind your business unless you would like to be involved of soving the solution!!!

    • Bob

      Derrick’s father threatened to kill him? How much of the story do we to know before establishing the fact that this puke needs to spend time in prison?

  • melanie

    Wow more women need to wake up more women need to do more for their children I do not believe that the courts are always your best choice im glad hes safe

    • bob

      Amen! She knew exactly what that piece of garbage was when she got with him 5 years ago. Rats make more intelligent mating choices than human females.

      • Melba Wise

        Wow Bob, I wasn’t aware you were so close to Rachel that you know what she was thinking 5 years ago. Good thing everyone just solved the problem. I’ll just hop in my time machine and go back 5 years to tell her not to have that baby. Seriously, you think that A. She knew he would flip out one day, threaten to kill everyone, and still have a baby with him. – no, just like Susan cox Powell, Lacey Peterson, and the other countless women out there- she did not have the ability to see into the future. Richard is very manipulative, if you met him you might think he is a pretty decent guy. In Rachel’s case things went horribly wrong when she broke things off with him. We are not talking about petty “boo hoo I want my CD’s back” breakup. We are talking – slashed the tires on 2/cars 1 night, hiding in my shed for 2 days, over 120 phone calls in a 12 hour period, stalking every place she went, breaking in and hiding in my dirty crawl space, telling her if she calls the cops everyone in the house will be dead. Do you have any idea how scary it is to make that 911 call and have to watch as Richard mamales takes your sister? Because I do. Yet the courts still said after all that 50/50.

      • Melba Wise

        I am not saying we are perfect, but victim blaming in this case doesn’t help. Hindsight is 20/20. If people knew exactly what their partner would be like in 1-5-10 years do you think there would be as many marriages or divorces. On the news they mentioned that after he was arrested he just wanted to give his kid a hug and kiss goodbye. I’m sure that left many people thinking ” awe, maybe he’s not so bad” but I know what its like all the other times. I know what it’s like to get phsyco voicemails with Derrick screaming in the background and Richard saying ” there is no one here to take care of this kid!” I know what its like to see Richard use Derrick as a human shield to avoid conflicts. I know what its like for a 40 yo man who I have a protective order against say that it is MY duty to provide a safe home for HIM and his son. NO, I owe him nothing, I have given his son and will continue to give his son a safe warm home- but he is not welcome on my property. I am a good aunt and I know Derrick has other good aunts, as well as sisters that love him very much. But we have all had it up to here with his dads manipulative antics.

      • bob

        I knew what he was about more than 5 years ago. So does half the county. But at least you caught up EVENTUALLY.

        Don’t make babies with people you don’t know.

  • melanie

    Well people need to stop listening to the courts if the child is in danger. how many kids have to die until this happens

    • Melba Wise

      Oh I know , you and I both know our siblings have screwed up big time in the past. And you and I have both done the best to givesesecond and third and fourth chances. You and I both have wanted to give Derrick love and support. Trust me, I ddon’t have any doubts that you guys are a great family. I just want people to stop saying ” just don’t have babies with the guy then” as a solutions. Richard needs help, otherwise we all have to keep walking on eggshells and that’s not fair to any of us. We wouldn’t deny you guys to see him and we know he lives you.

    • bob

      The mistake the courts make is assuming that the parents are always the best option. Sometimes BOTH of them are worthless meat sacks.

      The foster care system is also hopelessly broken. Public orphanages are the best option when no family members are able or willing to step up, as long as they’re carefully monitored.

      Even better option: You should have to have a license to make a baby. You have to have one to drive, or catch a fish.

      • Lisa

        To whom ever you are BOB!!!! NO ONE is saying that the situation was any thing exceptable!!!! But for you to say the discusting things you have is NOT the solution to kill him!!!! If any thing you should be praying for that family to recieve help and LOTS OF LOVE AND COMPASSION!!!! From his daughters on down!!!!! I could be wrong but thhink that maybe you are the little boy sisters grandfather, and with that being said, you should really step back and think about your words!!!

      • Melba Wise

        Lisa I do not know who bob is but I can definitely tell you that he is not my father as you can see by my response I oppose him assuming he knows everything. My family is grateful for all the support Derrick has received from your side over the years we are by no means perfect but we also know Richard does he serious help so that he does not do harm to himself or others it is not fair for any of the families to be walking on eggshells all the time..

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