LDS Church leaders now delivering General Conference remarks in their native language

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to grow by about a million new members every three years.

It’s now more than 15 million strong, but the majority of members live outside the United States and don't speak English.

Saturday, for the first time, speakers at the LDS Church’s biannual General Conference spoke in their native languages.

“The Church is no longer an American Church; it's a global church, and so we want to be able to hear them in their native language,” said church member Gus Checketts.

Saturday, the congregation heard remarks delivered in English, Spanish, and Cantonese—and they read subtitle captions when they didn't understand the spoken word.

Eduardo Gavarett, a member of the LDS Church’s First Quorum of the Seventy, mentioned the change during his remarks Saturday.

"Behold, The Lord has granted unto all nations of their own nation and tongue to teach his word,” he said. “Today, this scripture is fulfilled once more as I've been given the opportunity to express my feelings in my native tongue.”

For members who speak English as a second language, they said they hope the change is something they'll see from now on.

Visit for more information on the conference, including links for live streams of the sessions.


  • Forest from the trees

    Geez, I’m speechless. Its obvious that light still stirs up darkness. Its amazing though when you step back and look at it. How a church full of bigots, cultists, racists, and “suckers” can bring about so much good in the world. Quite perplexing.

    • Bob

      So much good? Please enlighten me… And “missions” do not count.. That is just a bunch of kids forcing religion on people… They support anti-LGBT, they degrade women, they didn’t accept blacks until recently, they support polygamy and forced young marriages… Yeah, so much good…

    • Mormons Should Be Genocided

      I could do much more good if I had the 10% off the top paid by all of those suckers. The amount of money wasted on temples alone is mind boggling.

  • Forest from the trees

    LOL. Oh, Bob. I do believe there’s still hope for you. But just to be safe, you’d better set up a visit to your proctologist and have your head examined. Probably been oxygen deprived from having had it buried in the sand. Anyways, good day, sir.

    • Bob

      Yes, the LDS and Nazi have a lot in common. Cult like structure, hate groups that are different, control people who do not believe in what you believe in….

    • Bob

      I know how to capitalize at the begening of a sentance. Grammar is an amazing thing, especially when you are trying to debate. It helps to look smarter than the person you are calling out.

      • KATA

        Bob, you need help with spelling. especially when you write and express something. It tells us your level of education. So bug out and leave them alone you looser.

      • bob

        What does “begening” mean?

        I suggest that if you’re going to give English lessons online you take the time to proof-read. Otherwise you risk looking like an idiot. (More so than usual.)

      • Bob

        Kata, go get drunk off tour doctrine some more… LDS people need their religion to control their simple minds… Sad really…

    • Carol

      The LDS believe that God was once an imperfect man who attained godhood, was given his own planet to rule over, earth, and now resides near the star KOLOB. Really? Who needs to get a grip here?

  • Bobjustdoesn'tgetit

    Bob was never accepted by the other children on playground because of his contempt for girls and blaming the Mormons for his pitiful life helps get him through the day.

  • Carol

    Again, childlike antics from a good mormon. You should be so proud of yourself. Do you get up and say that in church in front of everyone?

  • Sam

    Mormons believe, contrary to what the Bible says, that Jesus is not only Lucifer’s BROTHER, but that He was conceived by God who came in the flesh to Mary, and when they had physical relations, Mary conceived Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

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