Video: Meteor lights up Utah sky

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A meteor flashed across the Utah sky around 4:30 Thursday morning.

Patrick Wiggins, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador to Utah, described the phenomenon.

"A rock, a meteoroid, if you will, traveling through space, minding its own business. The Earth got in the way, right? And Earth's gravity kind of went 'OK, come on down.' [It] hit the Earth's atmosphere and, of course, when it did that it got very, very hot and very, very bright," Wiggins said. "[It] hit, made a great big flash, traveled well across the sky, headed down to the south, and then was breaking up."

Wiggins described the meteor as a bolide, "which basically means [a] bright meteor that explodes."

Since no one in Utah reported hearing any noise associated with the meteor, Wiggins said it probably didn't land anywhere near the Salt Lake Valley.

"I'm guessing this thing was way, way to the south. So, who knows? Maybe Arizona, maybe even farther than that," Wiggins said. "

FOX 13 viewerJay Winn caught the meteor on video (above).

Jason and Emily Valdez also caught a glimpse of it on surveillance cameras (below).

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Unusual 'white dots' spotted in Utah skies after bright morning light show


  • Glifax

    No idea what it is, but I do remember a couple of years ago being out on my porch in Bluffdale at ~2am when the whole sky lit up in this pastel green color for nearly a second before it all went black again.

    • Dani bailey

      I totally remember that I was in high school up late at my friends sitting outside. We thought we were going crazy. Glad to know we weren’t!

  • Brandina

    I seen flashes in the sky a couple years ago i have no idea what it was….there was a lot and it light up about 4 football fields..thats how big it was…..

  • Theodor Herzl

    I actually got to see it – bright green with a trail of orange flame/sparks – pretty crazy. At first I thought it was an errant firework, but it was way too bright and lasted to the horizon…. no sound though…..

  • Robert Henderson

    I saw this on my way to work this morning. I slammed on my breaks because in that first two seconds I thought it was a plane crashing down! Luckily there isn’t much traffic in south west Wyoming

  • bob

    I love how some people see something like this, take stock of the possible explanations, and jump right to the most unlikely and outrageous conclusions.

    Occam’s Razor should be taught in all high schools.

    IT WAST JUST A METEOR!!!! Relax.

    By the way, anybody else see the Alberta Fireball in the early 1970s? I did. It was wild. VERY bright in broad daylight, and left a smoke trail.

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