Authorities thwart ‘terroristic’ homecoming threat at Utah college campus

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EPHRAIM, Utah – Authorities said they have thwarted a possible “terroristic” threat at a local college’s homecoming events.

Officials said last week they were alerted to an anonymous post on a website not associated with Ephraim’s Snow College.

Investigators said the post led them to believe those attending the Snow College homecoming football game and activities could be in danger.

Part of the post stated, “Let’s just say homecoming this weekend is gonna go out with a bang.”

Lawmen were able to identify the person who anonymously posted the threat.

The investigation is ongoing but the good news is no one was injured during the homecoming events.

Authorities worked with the school’s athletic department and staff to ensure everyone was safe during the events.

No arrests have been made at this time.

The Utah Attorney General’s office, the Ephraim Police Department, the Kane County Sheriff’s office and Snow College public safety officers are working together in this investigation.


  • Matt

    Terrorists at Snow College. Oh my gosh, what is this world coming to? Most folks don’t even know where Snow College is. Sounds like a basic prank to me and not something that warranted calling in the ‘Big Guns’ to figure out. Well, take the perp into the Ephraim town square and hang him high – then shoot him – then hang him again – then run him over with a tractor – then tell him to go home and never do that again. Take away his Maverick card and soda privileges for a year as well.

  • bob

    This is “terrorism.” But sawing a woman’s head off because she wouldn’t convert to Islam is “workplace violence.”

    There will be a quiz later.

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