Police body camera footage shows fatal shooting (WARNING: Graphic)

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Above is the video from a Salt Lake City police officer's body camera from the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Dillon Taylor in South Salt Lake in August.

It does not show the officer firing on Taylor but it could still be considered disturbing to some audiences.

On Tuesday, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said the officer was justified in shooting Taylor.

Fox 13 wants to know what you think: Did the officer shoot too soon? Was he justified?

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.


  • trevor

    I probably would have shot too. Guy had his hands in his pants then raises his arms out really quick like he has a weapon. Hard to tell though. Plus, the sun is in the officer’s eyes. This one is hard. If the suspect would have stopped and raised his hands in the air, then no he shouldn’t have been shot.

    • lafemmafatalle33@yahoo.com

      I still don’t know why police can’t shoot legs or something. I don’t think this was justified. He did look suspicious, and that quick movement certainly would raise suspicions. We’re just way too damned militarized in this “Land of the free”


      • Trevor

        I see your point. It’s a lot harder to shoot limbs but I would like it better if they did. The guy really should have stopped. I think that pushed the police to think he was armed. If he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he should’ve stopped without worry. I have no idea why he didn’t stop.

      • anon

        if police shoot someone fatally they cannot sue them for pain & suffering, lost wages, medical expenses etc…. if the person lives and no charges are filed they can sue for tons… basically THIS is a cops version of malpractice insurance and covers the officer and the department… the family can sue but it’s lots less expensive to kill someone than to replace a possible lost limb and cover disability for life etc etc…

      • James

        They used to be able to shoot a limb… until they got sued a while ago by the person they shot committing the crime. Even people with a concealed permit the class says to not pull out your gun and if you do shoot, you have to shoot intending to kill first, and if not to be excessive, but you can’t say words like I’m going to kill you because it is more like intent to kill and not self defense.. I don’t know.. I see the video and I don’t see anything wrong with what the cop did. The person shot was even smart talking back and wouldn’t pull his hands out of his pocket and then suddenly does.. Cop was totally in his right to shoot


        The trick to shooting someone in the leg is to get them to hold still long enough for you to make sure you can hit it.

      • Ron

        sorry but youre excuse is extremely poor. you can see on this video as the officer pulls his car into the lot as the male in the white shirt walks out with his friends, and they all look over towards the officers car. as the officer puts the car in park and begins to exit, the male in white shirt is seen turning away from the officer while the rest of the group stays. also mind you, when the officer exited his car you can see his red and blues are on (one of the red light is flashing on the side of his door). Then you see the officer continue to follow the male in white shirt yelling at him to put his hands up, a second officer enters the frame and their guns are drawn…….you dont need your ears to see a cop with a gun pointed at you…its common sense to stop and slowly do as youre told, not stick your hands in your waist.

  • Sheepdog

    Justified. Clearly. Taylor acted as if he had a weapon. With this video, plus Taylor’s Facebook posts that were published on the media shortly after the shooting where he dated he felt the end was near for him, I believe the result was exactly what he wanted. I’m very sad for his family, but the officer dd what he had to do.

    • Bud johnston

      He had headphones in and couldn’t hear the officers commands. Even if he could he was walking away and was shot in the back. Jesus justified how?? The officer was in no immediate danger.

      • wiseoldsnail

        you’re engaging with police state cheerleaders . they think police can shoot people for failing to be obedient sheep like them . we are not required to be obedient to police unless they are giving LAWFUL orders … stopping someone for walking is not a lawful order, and pointing a gun at someone for walking is illegal . police are thug gangsters, and everyone excusing their murders deserve whatever bad things come their way

    • Trace

      He lifted his shirt showing he had no weapon. He wasn’t following commands by an Officer, but that doesn’t deserve death.

    • Sheepdog

      What happened after the first shot is not what is in question. The question is whether or not the officer was justified in firing. Clearly he was. But it is obvious that you have your mind made up and no amount of evidence will sway you. I feel sad for you. You must live a very stressful and angry life.

    • John

      Again. Arm chair coaching while drinking your diet Pepsi is great. You ever dealt with the dregs that want to do you and your family harm on a daily basis. Ever had a meth head point a fire arm at your head? Have you ever had to choose to protect innocent lives at a convenience store while yelling at them to stop?

      • Bud johnston

        More people die every year from choking on hot dogs than officers die in the line of duty. In this particular instance there was a thousand times he could have made a different split second decision. Wake up and pay attention to the growing rates of officer involved shootings where the person shot was unarmed. Then look at how other countries deal with police shootings as opposed to our own.

    • Not Your Bud

      Anonymous, the video that SLCPD released continues for 7 minutes after the shooting, capturing the entire thing. Blame the news/media outlets for editing the video they released to cut off right as the officer fires, not the SLCPD. Do a little research before you blindly blame everything on cops.

  • Bosco Johnson

    Well anonymous, I can see why you are anonymous. Because of the graphic nature of the shooting the news media chose to stop it at that point and then just run the audio. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  • Chris Sirrine

    Totally would have shot. I study criminal justice at UVU, many of my teachers are former law enforcement agents who have been in this situation before. Scary nonetheless and no one wants to have to do this to anybody.

  • Sondra

    When I read about this, hear about this, and when I watched the video. it reminds me of my own little brother. Who is a troubled young adult. Especially after reading some of the Facebook statuses from the young man that was shot. So it upsets me and put me in the positioning if it was my little brother, my family period. I’d be mad, upset. But then you need to understand from the Officer’s point, he had no idea if that man had a gun. So would it of been better for the officers and possible people surrounding 711 to be in harm, shot, dead? Also this family of this man, and friends and so Angry bashing police. And the police officer who fired the gun. But if the officer was shot everyone including his family should be just as upset. and I guarantee Ou this officer didn’t wake up and tell him self “ya, I’m going to shot someone for no reason.” and killing someoen, especially finding out he didn’t have a gun. I’m sure this officer is going threw hell is self. This you’d man was not complainant, he was cocky. Did he deserve to die? No. But this officers job is to protect! And I feel as if he did. Its sad he had to die. I would be devastated as his family. I send my prayers and I am sympathetic. But I’m sympathetic to both people who played rolls in the tragic event. The police officer left with no choice, and the young man who lost his life.

  • A

    IMO Should not have used lethal force. There was no weapon in sight and one was not presented. Should have used taser or taken cover and ascertained situation before drawing sidearm. I think rules of engagement should be if you are fired upon or weapon is in the ready position use deadly force. This is a slippery slope and the cops are creating more negative extreme views from people like myself.

    • John

      You ever dealt with the dregs that want to do you and your family harm on a daily basis. Ever had a meth head point a fire arm at your head? Have you ever had to choose to protect innocent lives at a convenience store while yelling at them to stop?

      • D.R.


        Have you ever dealt with people who are aggressive and mentally ill? Who have a loaded weapon pointed at you in a threatening manner because they are a mentally unstable cop? As you are backing away from them because u you don’t want to be shot, punched, kicked, hit with a baton or shot with a taser. The family pointed out the obvious. He wasn’t reaching for a gun instead he was asserting himself with an aggressive assailant by backing way to keep himself safe and lifting his shirt so his attacker could see that he was unarmed.

        A choice many of us who are sane would make in a situation like this where even handcuffs can put us in a situation that takes our lives.

        This was not a method head but an unarmed man who was trying to show someone as crazy as you and Sim Gill that he was unarmed. It’s a sad state when the DA is a mentally ill man who thinks things like this are justified. This is why the crazies get away with things like this.

      • swentoro

        Yeah John, though it may not be “smart” to lift your shirt up I think there’s a good chance that was his thinking. He was backing away because he had a warrant out for his arrest for robbing a tip jar a couple years back. Not saying he was perfect but definitely it’s getting ridiculous when someone gets blown up by the cops for stepping out of line during a VERY aggressive confrontation/pursuit by the police. He was just trying to leave, wanted to show he was unarmed and was shot without a second question. I am beyond infuriated at this guilty until prove—-he’s guilty–sort of mentality. Wait until it’s your kids goofing around at a 7-11 who are then shot because they didn’t engage the cops strategically. I’m sure it’s quite difficult to think straight when a cop lunges out of his car, whips out a gat and starts yelling at you. But hey, you and yours are probably white so you can continue thinking highly of yourself and your narrow political/social views without fear of getting shot accidentally by police. Good day to you Mr. High Horse

    • Ron

      its interesting and frustrating that no one here has asked the most important question……..why were the cops even at that 7-11???? ill tell you the secret………because someone called in saying they had seen a man with a gun. unfortunately this young man matched that description given. SOOOOOO cops show up being told that someone was waiving a gun at the store(if youre familiar with the area you know its known for drug, gangs and prostitution and that store attracts all of it plus some retail theft).

      when they get there a group of men matching the description given are outside the store…. all but one stick around and listen when told to stay and not move.

      The last one leaves quickly…… based on the information given that a man has a gun and was seen waiving it…would you really take a chance with letting him walk off and shoot someone???(Yes!! I know a gun was never found…but that fact came out after the events that occurred, had he listen and stayed like his buddies did, he would be alive to tell how cops screwed up and thought he was someone they were looking for).

  • John

    Me: innocent citizen. Cop yells at me with a gun pulled. My first reaction, hands up and yes sir!
    Thug: Dumb arse. Cop yells at me with a gun pulled. My first reaction is make a threatening move weather I have a gun or not.
    End results:
    Option # 2. you are a stupid arse and you die.

    • Bob

      Obviously the Salt Lake County District Attorney doesn’t have the advantage of your legal mind. Why don’t you call him and tell him how it got it wrong?


      Anybody can sue Tim. Question is whether a jury would find in their favor. The very very best this criminal’s family could hope for would be a hung jury. And no, Salt Lake County won’t settle our of court with his heirs.

  • Tiff

    The officers had to assume he was armed because the reason they were called was because people said he was waving a gun around. If he would have complied and put his hands up we wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now. The officers have no idea who they are approaching and what their intentions are. It is very sad it cost him his life but he didn’t listen and kept walking which makes him seem more dangerous and guilty.
    Not all cops are bad, we have to understand that they are trying to do what is right and protect people and most of the time they have to make a split second decision. Once they’ve made it we have weeks and months to scrutinize what they did. Fact is we were not there, in this case we have video and it seems justifiable to me.

  • steven.

    I say all Cops should have there critical weapons removed.. and hold tazer guns instead cos cops that they can shot to kill, come one guy probably cops. Sad people in this world.

    • Bob

      I think 911 should put you on their “do not respond” list Steven. There is a reason why cops think they can kill …. the US Supreme Court has ruled in their favor. Don’t like it Steven? Tough. Behavior yourself and you might just live to see tomorrow.

  • Belinda Purdum

    Can it be that the teenager didn’t know protocol?….

    Technically, you are supposed to put your hands up immediately. Any other reaction is a potential threat.

    It wasn’t until my 20’s that someone told me: when a cop pulls you over, you should pull over, put your car in park, and put your hands on the steering wheel. Some people even suggest turning your car off and putting the keys on the dash.

    When I was younger, in high school, I had a few cops pull me over for speeding, and act somewhat confrontational and I never knew why. No one had ever told me the protocol. Where do you learn it? It’s not something I would’ve figured out on my own.

  • shalda

    I think this was unjustifiable to me. Looking at the video you can’t see a whole lot. You can see a young man walking backwards but not listening to the officer. Then to me it look like he was lifting his shirt up and then bang bang. I just don’t see how the cop could assume he was in great danger. If he actually saw a weapon OK but still no need to kill the young man. I just don’t understand why they can’t retrain every cops in the world to shot other body parts instead of to kill.
    Don’t they have any remorse at all? How can they go to bed at night knowing they just killed someone and all. Anyway, sorry for the family lose but to me its just not right about his killing. Just not justified to me at all.

  • wiseoldsnail

    wow . some of the comments here are disgusting . those of you excusing murders by police with ‘he might have had a gun’ are off your rockers . i sure hope when they come for you it’s on film

    police state cheerleaders . sickness of the century

  • Censored By KSL

    Police Officer: “Get your hands out now!!!” (repeatedly)

    Suspect removes hands. Officer shoots him for doing what he was told. So, was the officer telling the suspect what to do so that he could shoot him and claim that it was justified???

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