Family of student who took own life reaches settlement with Granite School District

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SALT LAKE CITY – The family of the junior high student who took his own life has reached a settlement with the Granite School District.

Bennion Junior High student David Phan took his life on a pedestrian bridge over 6200 S. near his school Nov. 29, 2012.

Monday the Phan family settled the complaint against the Granite School District and any potential private claims.

In the settlement, the Granite School District and the family have united with the common purpose of “improving policies and practices concerning police search and seizure, parental notification, privacy rights and staff training.”

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  • Bob

    After leaving school and going home with his mother he returned to the bridge with a handgun he got from his own home and took his life. I’m not sure why a settlement with Granite School District was appropriate.

      • Bob

        Perhaps the parents should have take more care in securing the firearm in their home that their son used to commit suicide. It’s always easiest to blame others for your mistakes.

    • bobsanidiot

      Your hateful and soulless comments permeate the essence of who you are bob. You’re a shut-in that hates women, believes that the cops can shoot anybody they want if they’re being ignored or challenged, you have no children, thank god, oh but you don’t believe in god that’s right. You have nothing to worry about because you are not a member of society and I’m daring to bet that you are to large to fit through momma’s door so you feel no threat from the police and they’re attitude towards murdering anyone that doesn’t kiss their azzes. God bless the family of this child and hopefully time will ease your pain. As for the rest of us we are doomed to listen to bobs hateful stupidity forever…… Or until his blood valve explodes.

      • Bob-1

        Feel better now Bobsanidiot? You got a powerful load of hate going on inside you. Take a valium and get your husband to help you work through your problem.

      • Bob

        Your comment reflects on your maturity level honey. Reminds me of my neighbor’s little dog. Makes a powerful amount of noise but only manages to impress herself.

  • Bob

    Was the school expected to have an escort guard this boy every minute he was at school, or should they have expelled each and every student who gave him a bad time? It can’t be easy going counterclockwise in a clockwise world.

    • Shanna

      Bullying is a very serious thing that unfortunately gets put on the back burner by schools & when things are brought to the attention of a faculty member the usual response is “oh they’re just kids being kids no big deal,” but it is. For those who are bullied are more likely to suffer from depression,worthlessness& anxiety disorders. About 1 out of 10 middle school aged kids who are bullied windup changing schools or even dropping out. I know from experience because I had to change my daughter to two different schools because she was bullied because of her speech impediment and the school did nothing. For those who are the bullies if they don’t learn how to change their behavior it becomes a habit as they get older and by age of 24 up to 60% of them have @ least 1 criminal conviction and will continue on to bully throughout their lives including bullying their mates and children. So.. Yes, the family should have taken steps to properly secure their gun, but if this kid was that far gone and set on killing himself, he would have found a way to do it one way or the other. so my prayers go out to the family and hope that this incident will help schools realize that they need to find a way to put an end to bullying.

      • Bob

        Bullying has been going on since man first walked the earth. It goes on between countries, within our own government, in the workplace, our schools, and sadly even in many of our own homes. Perhaps you should do what no one on the face of the earth has ever been able to do and find a way to put an end to bullying ….. that works long term.

    • Morrighain Gray

      Get her husband to help her work thru her problem after she takes a Valium, ok so because she thinks your an idiot she needs a mans help and the help of drugs that’s is a pretty idiotic statement , I don’t know much about this story other than this
      A article , and yes the parents should have secured the gun but if the school had not let him be bullied to the extent that he wanted to use it that would et be an issue , u obviously have never been bullied of u were a bully yourself , we don’t know the extent to which this kid was harassed threatened and devalued and if the school was aware of it and did nothing they are responsible children have a right to feel safe at school and if individuals are preventing that they do need to be expelled I mean yes there a difference between calling some one a loser and harassing someone to tears or physically a using them daily and if it’s a group of ppl there is always a ring leader or to and yes those kids do need to be expelled or at least suspended , but blaming the parents for the school making a not icicle effort to stop the kids torment is pretty un educated ,

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