Bingham High students walk out protesting dress code enforcement at dance

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah - Two days after a dozen girls were turned away from their homecoming dance, approximately 100 students from Bingham High School walked out of classes in protest.

“For a lot of us, this was our last homecoming and we couldn't even go in,” student Cierra Gregersen said.

The high school senior wore the dress in question to school on Monday in protest.

“I understand having a dress code for a learning experience,” Gregersen said. “But when it comes down to a dance, that’s our time to be rewarded for being good students and we should be able to express ourselves.”

According to the school’s dress code policy, dresses should cover the chest and back at the top of the arm pit and hemlines should go no higher than mid-thigh when seated.

Among the dozen who were stopped, only about four students chose not to return to the dance.

The rest were able to come back after changing or putting on a sweater.

“I feel like there were several girls at the dance who were discriminated against,” parent Kristi Frost said.

While her daughter was allowed in, Frost said she is furious about what happened to the other girls.

She is encouraging them to file complaints of discrimination against the school and Jordan School District.

“I’m also an advocate of what’s right and what’s wrong and I feel like what happened here at Bingham High School was really done in a wrong manner,” Frost said.

FOX 13 reached out to the school and Jordan School District but no one within the administration would go on camera for comment.

Instead, they allowed two student body officers to speak.

“In all three years, I can say this homecoming was honestly the best one I’ve attended,” student Spencer Dunford said, who helped organize the dance.

Dunford said classmates were advised about the dress code policy through a presentation and reminder on the dance tickets weeks before the dance.

“They’re just trying to prove a point but they really can’t prove a point because it’s still a rule and we have to enforce a rule. It doesn't matter,” student Kason Eggers said.

But for those turned away on Saturday night, the point is about the rule itself.

“I want the administration to see that we’re serious about this, that we haven’t been heard in the past about it, that we don’t think it’s fair what they’re doing about it,” Gregersen said.


  • Katina Cooper

    Parents, there is only one thing to do. Sue the school and make them hold another homecoming dance at the principal’s expense. It’s the only way to prevent this same thing from happening again.

    • Chris

      Actually, the only thing to do is continue to enforce the dress code. Since when are school rules able to be selectively obeyed? When did this world come to be such a big bunch of entitled whiny babies who cry and walk out when they face the consequences to their poor decisions? Not only do the students need to shape up, the parents need to as well! They are fueling this problem of entitlement when they support their kids protesting rules that they, as attending students of the school, agreed to follow.

  • JoJo

    Nothing went wrong here. There is a dress code. Everyone knows the dress code. It was enforced. The only problem was that a few girls chose to not follow the rules. They were given the chance to stay and most did.

    • Will

      No the problem was that the majority of the girls that were told to leave had dresses that were, according to the dress code, appropriate. The person in charge wrongfully turned them away and wouldn’t give their money back.

      • Kellie

        NONE of those dresses were appropriate according to the dress code. Look again Will. It says they have to be up to the armpit. The red dress’s back is well below the armpit, and same with the purple one. If they didn’t like the dress code they should have complained and appealed BEFORE the dance.

    • Bree

      I’m proud if these students for PEACEFULLY protesting like mature young adults . Copper Hills let those EXACT SAME dresses into their dance… Bingham went a overboard.

      Granted leaving school hurts their education more than the school..

      • Christian

        But Bob, “The world is not required to conform to your personal whims. The rules are set by a committee of taxpayers…” in copper hills, “who built the school and teachers and administrators whom we hired to run it.”

        This is a copy and paste quote of one of your comments.
        Why “shame” on them? Unless… your religion finds it shameful. Either that or you’re being an arbiter of rules like you told poor Mike below he wasn’t.

    • Legacy Maynes


  • Hal Jordan

    This is just silly. I don’t know of any school that doesn’t say “dress code still applies”. If they choose to A. Disregard the rules that they are fully aware of, and B. Choose not to just change and come back which they were fully welcome to do, the school is absolutely right in not giving their money back. It’s like saying you want back all the taxes you’ve ever paid because you sole a car and get sent to prison. Boohoo. You did something wrong, deal with the consequences.

  • avarie

    I believe that the dress code for my school is a great guideline for boys and girls to follow but this dance they took it way to far. I went to homecoming knowing that I tried my hardest to dress modestly. When I got to the dance some lady pull me to the side and asked me If I had a tank top on under my dress I told her yes, I showed her and she looked at my and told me I was being dress coded because my tank top was too skin toned and that she couldn’t tell the difference between my back and the tank top and there for I was breaking the dress code. I was so angry, the bingham administration is taking this dress code way too far.

      • bob

        Too much time dress shopping, too little time reading and writing. Oh well. Someone has to bag our groceries.

        Life is going to stomp a mud hole in these kids, and they don’t even see it coming.

      • Christian

        That’s right kids, you don’t want to turn out like Bob here. He seems to have extensive knowlege from experience on these matters.

    • Kaylee

      This has absolutely nothing to do about religion. This is about there being the same rule for more than 3 years, and these girls are breaking them and now wanting attention.

      • shelly

        Sure it does. If you have a state that is predominately one religion and they are on the school board they make and enforce the rules. It’s the same with the laws regarding alcohol. No one even drinks alcohol yet they think think they can make decisions regarding alcohol when they have little knowledge about. But I’m getting off topic. If we had a wider variety of active religions or even people that weren’t religious at all making the decisions for this state it would be entirely different.

      • Christian

        I agree with Shelly, I challenge anyone to find another PUBLIC high school outside of Utah where a dress code stipulates armpits being covered or shoulders and back can’t show. These are obvious dress codes of the predominant religion in Utah and even those in the rest of the United States who are reading this story are saying so.
        This story is all over. From California to New York and many comments from people outside this state are automatically blaming said singular religion.
        None of these dresses are obscene in any way. So many here in Utah have lived in this little bubble they have no idea what other public schools have to put up with regarding dress code. You should be happy to have what seem to be nice hard working girls who weren’t showing up looking like they belonged on a street corner.
        Abolish the shoulders and back rule, keep the dress length rule and everyone could be happy. Don’t shove the prominent religions dress code on everyone else. Also, don’t try to say they arent because with rules like no armpits showing, believe it or not, Utah is the only state that has people that would enforce something like that.

    • bob

      Most of those girls are LDS, and their Mormon moms bought the dresses. When this happened at Stansbury High it certainly had nothing to do with “Mormons.” It had to do with a poorly defined dress code and arbitrary enforcement of it.

      All public high schools in Utah have dress codes that are very similar, with only trivial variations. What’s more, those dress codes are standard boiler plate among high schools across the country. Look up the dress code for Beverly Hills High School. IT’S THE SAME.

      In this case the kids simply don’t want to follow clearly defined rules. Every, single one of them knew the rules going in.

      “Sue the school”, some idiots are suggesting. To what end? To teach your kids that if you don’t get your way you just use the government to force your will on people?

      Grow up, people.

      • Christian

        No it’s not the same. They can still wear clothes that show armpits. Also, the prom dress code gives leeway to back and shoulders being shown.
        So… no. It’s definitely not the same at all.

  • Katie Simmons

    I think it about time the school care about and inforce dress code come on kids we are beautiful amazing girl why do u have to show your self off and be immodest I think that I wish all school would inforce dress code all the time

  • JJ

    We need to Thank Bingham High School and the Jordan School District for continuing to enforce the Dress Code. If they didn’t, some of the girls would just wear less and less. It should be all about having good standards and dressing modestly. It doesn’t have to be that tough to just follow the School Rules…

  • AnaaaG

    this has nothing to do with religion!! some of you guys are so ignorant to just judge religions!! this is clearly the administration discriminating students because you clearly don’t see other schools doing what Bingham High School is doing..

  • mike harrelson

    I think the girls should get together and have a bikini car wash in front of the school. I’m just sayin’

  • mike harrelson

    Some people commenting here it seems would be willing to do just about anything if you tell them its “a rule”. Just because it is a rule, doesn’t mean that its not stupid.

    • bob

      Yes, take that Rebel Without A Cause into the real world and see how far it gets you.

      Allow me to be the first to pop your bubble: YOU are not the arbiter of all disputes and standards. The world is not required to conform to your personal whims. The rules are set by a committee of taxpayers who built the school and teachers and administrators whom we hired to run it. The CHILDREN do not get a say.

      Deal with it.

      • Christian

        So your stratagy is to tell one that they are not the arbiter and point out who is.
        Mike says that just because it’s a rule doesn’t mean it’s right and you retort this notion? History is full of “rules” that weren’t right.

        These girls were not dressed immodest. If you think they were how about you pop your own Utah buble and go see what other high schools have to deal with.
        I agree with the length of the dress rule but no shoulders, armpits, or back showing? Common… really? How about people start teaching their boys to have some self control.
        My father taught me this: when you go out to the rest of the world you’re going to run into women wearing all kinds of clothes. Learn to control yourself because the rest of the world isn’t going to do it for you.
        Now, this doesn’t mean let them run rampant. It simpy means this: Loosen up! Be lucky these girls weren’t trying to dress like they work the streets! Keep your rules for during school but prom should have some leeway! Geez. To think I served my country and freedom for strict jerks like you who think they have the right to be community dictators.

  • bob

    You rubes who think “Mormons” are behind this need to get out of Utah once in a while and look around. You sound absurdly provincial.

    • Christian

      Outside of Utah: I see girls who wear clothes, don’t look like they are working the streets and look very classy. I see boys who treat them like humans and not peices of meat. I don’t see people looking down on girls like a temptress. Oh my, and their armpits and shoulders and half their back is showing!
      Back in Utah: I see girls who dress classy getting looked at funny because shoulders are showing. I see boys with no self control and force women to show less as if that will help. I see rules stating no armpits showing, no shoulders, no backs.

      I’ve lived in 8 states and have traveled more of the world than you can possibly imagine. It’s you who is acting very… provincial as you put it. I’ll include more big words for you that describe people like you in Utah. Egocentric, dogmatic, obstinate.

  • Arxelaos

    This is ridiculous. I can understand if their breasts are about to fall out or their butt is showing, but this is a little over the top. None of those dresses are worse than what some parents let their daughters wear in public. Just because it’s a rule doesn’t mean it’s not as daft as a bush, so Bob why don’t you and Robert go get a room.


    These kids are role models themselves and have younger eyes looking up to them.

    What are these students teaching the younger generations?

    Disobedience towards simple policy.

    C’Mon Bingham Students…..

    Put it this way… if Bingham had a policy where the football team couldn’t spat/tape their cleats or wear colored gloves, do you think the football team would protest and walk out?

    No.. they most definitely would not protest and/or walk out.

    Same situation, different scenario.

  • Brandie

    I have read a lot on what happened at this high school’s homecoming. I read how the school handled it, and then how the kids reacted to it then, as I read some of these comments I just feel like most adults are still living in at least the seventies. I don’t live anywhere near this school nor do I know anyone that goes to it. One thing I do know is that the “rules” that they had for the dress code were crazy. Do people not realize that they don’t make dresses like that any more. I’m 24, and I went to a private Lutheran school and they didn’t even expect us to wear dresses that were made to that standard because, simply the “normal” homecoming and other school dance dresses are not made like that anymore. What do they expect at Prom? Most prom dresses that are in the stores these days are even more revealing then the ones that are out during homecoming season. So, if this school and other people want to get pissed and punish the girls for wearing “inappropriate attire,” then they need to punish the clothing stores and designers as well. I would challenge anyone who puts these dress code rules in place to take a girl and get her a dress for prom or homecoming, and I’m not talking about something your granny would wear. I’m talking about something that is beautiful on her that actually fits in this dress code. I’m sure it probably would have be hand made. Just someone else’s point of view…

  • A Message to Bingham High Leadership

    I have lived coast to coast and travel for work in many states. I have been surprised over some outfits I’ve seen young girls wearing in my travels. There are some awfully skimpy dresses out there I would never like to see my son going to a dance with a girl wearing one of those. BUT these girls were simply lovely, very tasteful, completely acceptable attire anywhere else but the Bingham High School Homecoming Dance. I don’t understand why the school feels it wrong to show your shoulder or back. When did this become unacceptable in society? I think it’s a shame how these girls were treated and made to feel dirty and cheap, not fit to join the rest, jeez. There might have been 3 sent home, think that’s under reporting, but many more were made to twirl and show things to those allowing students in that they had no right at all to do to these girls. I will not encourage my son to go to any of the proms or dances this year and don’t think he will after this anyhow. Who would want to subject themselves to this kind of self rightousness, judgment and jury? Good job Bingham HS Leadership team, way to create a positive environment for our kids!

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