Thousands attend dedicatory ceremonies at LDS Church’s Ogden Temple

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OGDEN, Utah -- Thousands of people were in Ogden for the re-dedication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Ogden Temple, and the ceremony comes after renovations were made to the building--which was first dedicated in 1972.

Three dedicatory sessions were broadcast to LDS Church meetinghouses around Utah and parts of Wyoming, and an estimated 2,000 people visited the temple itself to attend the sessions.

One young boy waited with his father for hours in order to be the first to enter. Kent Richards, Executive Director LDS Church Temple Department and a member of the LDS Church's Second Quorum of the Seventy, spoke about the atmosphere at the event.

"I think that's the spirit of the young people," he said. "They have such a desire to come into the temple, to participate in temple ordinances, and to feel the beauty and power of a temple experience."

For more information about the LDS Church's temple in Ogden, click here.



  • Mike Norton

    The inside is pretty. Now do a search on YouTube for channel “NewNameNoah” and see what they do in this pretty building after they stop allowing the non-worthy “Gentiles” to enter. It’s pretty creepy.

    • Bob

      We aren’t oppressive here in Utah Bob. You’re right to an alternate lifestyle is not in question. Why the chip on your shoulder?

      • Willie Jackson

        Yes, you are. Too many non mormon friends in Utah grew up in LDS neighborhoods where none of the mormon kids were allowed to play with them because they “were not mormon”.

      • Bob

        The joke of liquor stores is one, “intent to eat” and Zion curtain is two, nothing being open on Sunday is three, hate and bigotry towards groups of people is four, having to hear everything about them on the news if five, one of their buildings on every corner is six…

  • Bob

    JAY ROVE may be correct. This idea of teaching children honesty, moral cleanliness, respect, and a work ethic is just downright evil. The idea of free speech is old fashioned and we should put a stop to it.

  • Willie Jackson

    Inside looks like a Howard Johnsons. Members go and do endless repeating silly rituals while learning Satan is the God of this Earth and they can buy anything in this world for money. They take their Gods teaching to heart in buying up land and building a cheezy shopping mall rather than helping the poor and afflicted.

  • Bob

    Strict rules on alcohol, ridiculous school dance dress codes, nothing open on Sunday, hate and bigotry towards entire groups of people, everything they do on the news… Nope, no oppression here… The LDS act like they rule this state and it’s old…


      You’re wrong Bob. We don’t hate people who got dealt their hand from the bottom of Mother Nature’s deck of cards. We feel sorry for them. Will you be going to parent teacher conferences this year?

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