Former teacher to stand trial after second student alleges sexual misconduct

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DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- A former Davis County High School English teacher will stand trial on charges that she sexually abused a second student after he told the court on Friday his relationship with Brianne Altice could be described as a “teacher with benefits.”

Altice is already facing charges, accused of having sex with one of her 16-year-old students last year. On Friday, a second student took the stand and described the physical relationship he also had with his teacher.

Friday’s preliminary hearing was for Judge John Morris to determine if there was enough evidence to bring three more counts of forcible sexual abuse against the 35-year-old former teacher. The now 18-year-old student gave explicit details of his relationship with Altice, and when it was over, the judge ruled there was probable cause for Altice to stand trial.

Brianne Altice remained silent as she walked into court for her preliminary hearing.

During the prosecution’s closing statements, Deputy Davis County Attorney Cristina Ortega said, “He was asked to describe what kind of relationship, what was this and he couldn’t. The best he could describe it was a 'teacher with benefits’.”

Based on the testimony, Ortega said Altice knew what she was doing and misused her position of trust.

“One, the witness in this case was younger than 18 years of age,” Ortega said. “Two, she occupied a position of authority. He himself testified today that she was the person in charge, as she was his teacher and he was her teaching assistant.”

Prosecutors also said Altice did nothing to stop the sexual encounters after they started.

“She was able to use the system, the school system here, to have access to him in making him her teacher assistant,” Ortega said.

Altice now faces a total of nine counts of rape, forcible sodomy, and forcible sexual abuse. She’s scheduled to be back in court for a hearing on October 9.


  • John

    What a dumb arse kid! seriously. This is a teen boys fantasy and he blew it by opening his mouth LOL OK ladies bash away and all you guys out there agree even if you wont admit it.

  • bobsanidiot

    Well considering the amount of pissssing and moaning done by men about how women get a slap and men get prison I would say you summed up the judicial mindset of the dumbazze men who run it. No need to bash it’s the truth and just shows that the only IQ men have is below the waist…….

    • Bob

      No, Bobsanidiot, it only shows the IQ of the men YOU associate with. Based on your comment it would appear that you are unable to have a decent relationship with a decent man. Go figure.

      • Bob

        Your comments reveal some deep seated hatred Bobsanidiot. I’m told that the Utah Pride Center has opened a new counseling and wellness clinic that can provide the help you obviously need. :)

    • Bob

      I believe your comment was “the only IQ men have is below the waist…….”. Obviously you have a good relationship Bobsanidiot. Decent women look for (and FIND) decent men with an IQ where it belongs.

      • bobsanidiot

        How would you know bob? Women for obvious reasons avoid you like an aids infested pitbull, not hard to see why. And decent? You’re a hateful scab on the azze of humanity so you have no experience in that arena…….

      • Bob

        Like you’ve stated BOBSANIDIOT the only men you know have an IQ that is “below the waist…….”. How sad that you are unable to relate with men.

  • Bob

    Why was this former teacher unable to maintain a normal relationship with one (1) adult male? Hopefully she’ll be separated from decent society for a couple of decades behind bars.

  • Paul Duane

    I find it hard to view this as anything but a victimless crime when the boys are calling her a “teacher with benefits”. The only trauma this will cause these boys, is that it will be hard to trump this experience in their future dating endeavors.

  • fastlanr

    We have to be able to proceed as if “innocent until proven guilty” AND not condemn before we know all the facts, etc. Also, our school systems are going to take quite a beating IF we proceed otherwise. (These are very expensive suits for the public to bear — so let’s protect the rights of all of those involved.)

  • tds

    I dont understand why beautiful teachers are attracted to teens when they could have just about any professional fit gentlemen they desire. Students are basically penniless, childish, clueless, naive, untrustworthy, reckless, uncertain, rebellious, disloyal, and nuevo sexual.

  • Willie

    This is the TRUTH, like it or not. In the boy’s mind, he just became “studmuffin”. In the minds of his male friends, he just became their hero. His dad’s mind is shouting ” that’s my boy “, His mom’s mind is shouting ” she raped and abused my poor little boy. ” The only reason the second boy came out is he wanted a little recognition also. And that’s the TRUTH.

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