Video: Bystanders jump into river to save passengers after SUV flipped into water

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SALT LAKE CITY -- An SUV went airborne and crashed into the Jordan River and flipped upside down Thursday evening.

It happened just after 6:30 p.m. on Indiana Avenue in the area of 800 South and 1100 West.

Three teens were trapped inside and several bystanders ran into the water frantically trying to rescue them.

Police say the teens, ages 16 and 17, were in a GMC truck speeding eastbound on Indiana Ave. in Salt Lake City's west side.

The truck somehow lost control, crashed through a fence on a bridge and then flipped while plunging into the water.

Two passengers got out quickly but police say the driver was pinned and firefighters had to get him out.

"They were able to hold the victim's head above the water so the paramedics could get here and pull him out," Salt Lake Police Lt. Brian Purvis said.

Brian Adams saw the crash happen.

"Ten people just jumped into the water, bystanders who saw it happen, they just flipped it over so he wouldn't die. It was an amazing feat,” Adams said.

Police still don't know why the driver was speeding or how fast he was going but the speed limit on Indiana is 35 mph.

The teens were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.


  • Rick

    On the headline story, on the TV story, the reporter mentioned that Montoya that help get others to help upright the car, lost his glasses… you are trying to get help to replace those glasses since he doesn’t have insurance. That is great, but I submit that I believe if it is found that the driver of the vehicle is found to have been doing something illegal, speeding,drunk driving or the vehicle was stolen, he or his family should, IN THE LEAST, be obligated, and be willing, for what Montoya had done in saving his life, to replace those glasses!!!!!!

    • bobsanidiot

      So you must be the new bob!!! How freaking awesome! Let me guess, it was in a poor mostly hispanic area of town so of course they are all criminals RIGHT especially the victims???? Well ricky if you have an accident say in that part of town I say we let you drown until we know for sure you were doing nothing wrong….. To the heroes kudos to your outstanding bravery and much thanks!

      • pippahallidayano

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  • Trish Ramirez

    This is an awesome story. People around here are always more than willing to lend a hand when needed, and we often see it demonstrated in these scary situations. The rural West is a really good place to be if you want to be around good-hearted people. And Rick, you are being a bit preposterous. I’m sure that Montoya isn’t the least bit worried about his glasses – he got to do an awesome deed, regardless of WHY the truck ended up upside down in the first place. If the driver wanted to show some good faith and spirit and replace the glasses, that would be one thing, but I have a feeling that our good Samaritan isn’t quite as concerned about material stuff as you seem to be. You seem kind of petty.

  • someone

    OK Trish whatever you say you sound like you know it all hopefully Mr Montoya can see, the fact you talk about how good hearted everyone is tho you had to call someone you don’t even know a name shows it all have a good one

  • Robert Church

    Fast thinking on Montoya’s part. There are not that many people who have the calm sensibility necessary to control the actions of others in an emergency situation.

  • Smendrick

    I wish the news people could get it right–this is in Poplar Grove, not Glendale. I know–it’s a block and a half from my house.

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